All I Got For Mother’s Day . . .

May 13, 2008 at 9:01 am | Posted in Family, Photos | 19 Comments

Was a messy flower bed and two bunches of dead and mutilated landscape flowers.

The guilty party. Ellie said she didn’t do it, but when the ears stand up there is mischief.



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  1. Oh, Ellie! You need to learn how to lie better!

  2. UH OH!

  3. With that face she knows she won’t be in trouble for long. She’s a cutie!

  4. How can you be mad at a cute face like that!

  5. Frig. Calvin has taken to eating and chewing everything. This is a completely new development that I’m not enjoying so far.

  6. how cute. i love when my dog makes the guilty face. you can’t stay mad for long!

  7. We need to give her a poker face. that definitely gave it away. Cute garden though, when it’s bloomin’

  8. Ahahaha!! Also, don’t think I knew you had an Ellie too!! My Ellie would like to pass on her congratulations to your Ellie 😉

  9. She’s way too adorable to stay mad at!

  10. aw how could you be mad at a puppy like that, so cute!

  11. Aww, sad! My mom’s dog basically rearranged her entire backyard (and my mother is a gardener) during her first year of life. I think my mom bought something to spray on the plants that wasn’t toxic to dogs or plants, but didn’t smell good so the dog finally left the alone.

    Also, even if your dog is mischevious, she is pretty darn cute!

  12. ohhhh… your pup is too cute… You could never be angry at a doggy like that…

    I know how you feel – or my mom does.. My dog used to dig and dig and dig until there was nothing left.. LOL

  13. What an adorable little doggie!

  14. Bet you weren’t really mad – how can you be when she looks at you like that?? 🙂

  15. She needs to learn to control those ears that give her away 🙂

  16. Oh, no! Too bad there is nothing cuter than a guilty dog.

  17. Awww, your dog is so cute! How can you resist that face?

  18. She is cute!

  19. Ellie has GORGEOUS eyes! Not hitting on her, I promise. Okay, maybe a lil.

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