I Have Really Done It Now

May 10, 2008 at 2:18 pm | Posted in Thoughts | 9 Comments

One of my favorite bloggers, Lindsay at Suburban Turmoil has a running list of people that she hacks off. It is called The Pissed List.

I am thinking I need to come up with my own version of Tipp’s Pissed List.

To add to my list:

Local (or not so local) CPR instructor extraordinaire.

A few months ago I started to research re-certifying in CPR. In my line of work it is just a good idea to keep your certification up to date. Not to mention that to stay current on the very latest CPR techniques, you really should re-take the class every six months. They change techniques so often that it is so hard to keep up with the latest recommendations. I swear that if I found myself in the midst of an emergency and needed to administer CPR, I would argue with myself over the number of breathes vs. the number of compressions. Now it seems that the very latest is not to breathe, but just to do compressions. Last I heard it was more important to breathe than to compress.

I am so confused.

Anyway, I contacted a lady who was recommended to me by a very reputable source.

I called and got no answer. I left a message telling the machine who I was, what my phone number was, and what I needed. I know I reached the right number because it gave me the correct business name, Heartsavers, or something like that. Heartless might have been more appropriate.

Days go by, then a week, I call back. I leave another message giving the same information. Five days go by. I finally hear back from someone. She says they may have a spot in a class open May 10th at 2:00. She will have to check with someone else and give me a call back.

Great sign me up. Someone will call me back with the meeting place and further instructions if they have availability in the class.

Weeks go by. May 7th, three days before the class, I get a voicemail. The lady wants to know why I haven’t RSVPed for the class on the tenth. She goes on to say that the class will cost $100 dollars and that it will be sixty miles from my house. Sixty miles people. It will cost me around $40.00 round trip to just get to the class. Well, maybe $40.00 is a stretch but it is a freaking long way. I call back and explain to her machine that I never received confirmation of the opening in the class, therfore I could not RSVP. I also explained to her that if she did still had an opening, I am no longer interested because the drive was too far and that I would find a class closer to my area. The next day I even called back and left another message asking her if she got my previous message and that I would not be attending the class.

Done. Taken care of. Marked off the list.

Wrong. At 2:10 this afternoon I again get a call from CPR instructor extraordinare asking if I am running late and/or if I forgot about the class.

Hello, miscommunication much?

I called back to relay all the information of my previous phone calls. She was not happy that she was out $100. I explained to her that I left her multiple messages and that I apologize, but since it was so far away and more money then I had paid in the past I chose to go another route.

And she hung up on me.

Wow. I have really done it now.

I have hacked off a public servant.

Let the Pissed List begin.



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  1. Wow! She sounds like a real treat.

  2. Ummmm….hello are you in there?! What a freak. Get an assistant.

  3. what a b*tch. sounds like you left more than enough messages for her. i really hate when you go out of your way for someone (communicating in your situation) and they act like you’re the idiot who doesn’t care. yay for pissed lists!!!

  4. Yikes, pain much? I have a similar list on my site, but it’s a Colbert-esque ripoff and it’s an “On Notice” board. Just a nicer way of saying who I’m mad at 🙂

  5. i would have LOST it man…

  6. Oh I would have freaked. Grrr!

  7. Ooh I liked this idea… hmm but I think that I would be at the top of my own pissed list most of the time. Looks like her not returning your calls may be a blessing in disguise 🙂

  8. Oh, wow. That’s absolutely awful! You would think someone who wants your business would at least call you back and make sure to CONFIRM when yours and their money is on the line. Maybe not, though. Hmm.

  9. Oh this is funny! I should look into something like this. Would you mind? 🙂 I did the orientation for the zoo here in town, paid the money (since it’s non-profit) to cover my name tag, shirt and the FBI check they require all people to do. I also got my fingerprints done and had to get a TB test like everyone else. That was a month ago. I have yet to hear when I get to start volunteering and which animals I get to work with. Plus, they have cashed my check!

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