Hello, My Name is Nelly and I Am a Worryoholic

May 2, 2008 at 5:04 pm | Posted in Life | 16 Comments

This is what I get for bragging.

I love Tennessee. I love Nashville. I hate living in the middle of tornado alley.

Apparently, I live right in the middle of it. Every couple of weeks it seems, weeks I tell you, we are on continual weather alerts cutting into Oprah, cutting into primetime, cutting into my TV.

I am convinced that our local weather people are paid overtime by the hour that they appear on air in bad weather. They stay on for hours at the time, as is the case tonight. Right now the national nightly news is on, but it won’t be long until all four major network stations break in and remind us how to take cover.

They use terms like “safe room”, “squall lines”, “rotating patterns”, “sheer markers”, “golf-ball sized hail”, and “severe end of the world wind forces”. OK, maybe that one was a stretch. But every single time our local weather people freak the heck out, and in the process they make me a nervous wreck!

After all, they are the experts. I trust them. As silly as it gets every time, I will be the one huddling in my downstairs powder room until quite possibly 1 AM.

I will gather flashlights, charge up the laptop, find the battery powered radio, collect pillows and blankets for cushioning from falling debris, and head downstairs. In tow will be my two dog babies, both on leashes, because I am convinced that if my house took a direct hit they would be safer tethered to me and we would either live together safely on the ground or die together in the swirling abyss. Whatever happens we will be connected by a lifeline. Think Helen Hunt and her belt in Twister.

We go through all this drama because that is what they tell us to do. Everytime.

To make matters worse, Hubby is about to get on a plane and fly in this weather.

That means that I am left home alone with two nervous dogs who both hate bad weather even worse than me.

This is what is heading our way:

Just call me Nervous Nelly tonight.



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  1. You know I used to love thunder storms, but I don’t know what changed. Now big storms terrify me. You’re in my thoughts. Be safe. ❤

  2. oh man that would seriously freak me out. stay safe!

  3. Hopefully the storm will pass by without a hitch!

  4. I’m from Kansas. Home of Dorothy and Toto. Girl, get your tuckus in that basement!!! People complain about hurricanes–um, yeah, you have sometimes a week notice the thing is coming. Freakin’ tornadoes, as you know, can fall out of no where. I hate them. I avoid KS from late March through early September. Please post later if you can so we know you are doing fine. If I knew you better I’d give you a call and keep you company 🙂 *hugs*

  5. Man don’t let Lisa turn you to the dark side! Its bright skies and no rain over here!

  6. ooo i hate the really bad storms too. and i think planes fly above the storms. when I flew back home from Atlanta, we flew above storm clouds (really cool to look at btw!) So I’m sure he’ll be ok! and YOU just hold tight! try not to think about the bad weather 🙂

  7. That’s exactly how I felt when I lived in Kansas and Arkansas! I used to get so nervous. I always felt better though because I knew it was out of my control and in someones control who was a lot bigger than me!

  8. Oh dear. Good luck!

  9. Ah, good luck with that! I’m with you though- I’d have my dog and the blankets/pillows, laptop and most likely enough food for a week. So, ya know, you’re not alone. I, on the other hand, in good old Illinois got rammed with a huge thunderstorm a couple hours back. My poor dog was freaking out, because I chose to keep the door open to listen to it. It’s tornados I’m scared of, thunderstorms I LOVE! 🙂

  10. I would be nervous too! Stay safe.

  11. I’ve only ever been in the path of a tornado once and it scared the ever loving shit out of me. I remember when it ended and being convinced we were just in the eye of the storm 🙂 Hopefully your storm will be over in no time!

  12. Oh, I hope all is well with you! Tornadoes and earthquakes just really frighten the living daylights out of me. They’re so sudden and unpredictable! That was one nice thing about living in a hurricane zone, at least you knew they were coming!

    Update when you can, so I know you’re okay!!

  13. Hi ladies,

    You are all so sweet to worry about little ole me!

    We have some rain and wind and thunderstorms, but nothing like what they were thinking it would be. The severity started to die down before it got full force to us, so for that I am thankful!

    Thanks for all your thoughts, you are the best!


  14. I never thought about this, but this would be particularly hard for me. I’m from Arizona where there are never any tornadoes. Tornadoes almost feel like a myth sometimes. Don’t know how you do it because I would freak out!

  15. Eek! I know how you feel. Since I moved to Louisiana, things have gotten better, but when I lived in Memphis, I spent waaaay too many nights sleeping on the floor of the downstairs bathroom/closet because of tornados and bad weather. And I am about to move farther north, so I’m going to be experiencing more tornados. :/ I heard Hattiesburg had about five or six tornados so far in this season. *sigh*

    I hope it all worked out and nothing hit too hard!

  16. oh my god. i can’t even tell you how badly i hate thunderstorms. i hope you’re okay ❤

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