Girls Night Recap

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It was amazing. It was incredible. It really was everything I’d dreamed it would be.

I laughed. I cried. I smacked at Jen’s arm so many times that she most likely has marks all over her arm this morning. Sorry dear, Love you!

I will not spoil it for anyone who may see it later, but go as quickly as you can, run, run to the theaters now!

One highlight: not a spoiler! For all you die-hard Rentheads out there, look for a RENT cast original. Mae and I almost came out of our seats. Did they seriously just mesh my love for RENT and Sex and the City? It couldn’t get any better!

So here is the low-down on our fabulous night out. No spoilers, I promise, I would not want to endure the wrath of letting plot synopsis slip, so I will just tell you about our night.

We met up at a great little restaurant near the movie theather. This was planned. We knew that finding nine seats together on opening night would be some-what difficult, so we wanted to increase our odds of getting there early.

As soon as we walked in the restaurant the waiter says, “Sex and the City, right?”

“Yeah, how’d ya know?”

“This place is full of groups of women ordering Cosmos, somehow I just knew.”

And he wasn’t kidding, the SATC groupies were everywhere. Young, old, some with boyfriends and husbands who were dragged along against their will.

  Melissa, Rosy, and Candice all looking pretty.

Erin, Jen, and Charlotte, with her ” I am a Charlotte” tank. I so need one of those!


Mae and I

After finishing up our dinner at The Yellow Porch, we headed across the way to the theater. I had Fandangoed all of our tix at least three weeks ago, but even the Fandango line was obscene! I have never seen so many packs of women everywhere.

Our posse made it to the theater at 7:15 for the 8:00 show and another line! The first showing hadn’t let out yet and we had to wait for them to get out. The moment they started to come out we all packed in. Besides the fact that it was virtually pitch dark in the theater somehow, hundreds of women in heels found their way to their seats without too much pushing and shoving. Yes, we got great seats, all together!


Us before the show.


AND IT WAS AMAZING. That is all I will say. Go see it for yourself!


After the show we headed to Lime for some yummy goodies and to recap the show. We had an awesome night.


Tipp Is Not Here

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Please leave a message. No, just kidding.

But, I am guestblogging over at Heidi’s Place today. So, come read, I need advice!

Pinch Me, I Must Be Dreaming

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Is it really May 29th? Does that mean tomorrow is *gasp* really May 30th?!

If you do not know the significance of tomorrow to females under the age of 40, you are living under a rock!

Tomorrow my seven girlfriends and I are going to see. . . Everyone together now. . .



 So, the obvious dilemmas abound. What to wear? What to wear??

I am hoping you can help me out. I have narrowed it down to two dresses. Which one?

The purple floral?


Blue Abstract Print?

The Good and the Bad (Though It’s Never Really That Bad)

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Things that made up my day:

  • Going to an antique mall that I have been wanting to go to for years
  • Driving in the car with the sunroof open
  • Getting an email from one of my besties telling me how much she loves me. I can always use that.
  • Singing at the top of my lungs to my IPOD and to a fellow car mate who was less than enthusiastic
  • A perfect turkey sandwich (Wheat bread, a dab of mayo, thin sliced turkey, lettuce, salt and pepper)
  • A brownie after the perfect turkey sandwich
  • Going to a great bookstore
  • Getting a fantastic video text from a friend who knew it would make my day
  • Driving around one of my favorite historical sights
  • Going to the Apple Store to drool over a MacBook

Things that did not make my day:

  • Rain
  • After driving across town to get sushi the place was closed-again.
  • Driving around using gas at almost 4$/gallon.
  • Not being able to access my email from the library
  • Getting a call from my friend relaying information that “the evil one” is again up to no good
  • Watching a woman chase her grocery cart down a hill. I felt bad for her, but it was kind of funny.
  • My Ipod adapter cord in my car is seriously shot. Snap. Crackly. Pop makes me cranky listening to my music.
  • Leaving the Apple store with no MacBook

May 27, 2008 at 7:58 pm | Posted in Thoughts | 16 Comments

I need a new Bible Study/devotional suggestion. Anyone got any that they have really liked or enjoyed?

While on a quest for a good new book today my very loud RENT ringtone goes off in the middle of a very Southern Baptist Bookstore.

Fabulous. Nothing like bringing a junkie stripper’s song into a Christian bookstore- that was for Mae.

People were eyeing me from behind the choir robes.

For those of you who are upset by that, just pretend it was Mary Magdalene singing it. Does that help?

Happy Memorial Day

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For all the servicemen and women and their families. Thank You.

The One With the Snake

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Or alternatively titled, “The One Where Ellie Saves The Day.”

Woke up this morning and Hubby rolled over and said, “Let’s go canoeing.”

It was the first real opportunity to go without the water being freezing cold, so we went. We loaded up Lily to go to Papa and Nana’s house to stay, because we learned the last time we took her canoeing that she is, “not that kind of girl.” She about had a panic attack when we put her in the boat. Everything about her demeanor screamed, “I have no idea why I am in a floating death-trap!” Ellie, on the other hand, loved every minute of it and took every opportunity to jump out of the boat and swim laps around us.

So, Lily went to P & N’s (code name for my parents because when we say “Papa and Nana” they go running for the car like there is no tomorrow and demand a trip across the hill to their house to run in the woods) and Ellie to the river with us. Three bottles of vitamin water, two Subway sandwich meals, and a bottle of SPF 50, yes, 50 (we are whiteys), and we were on our way.

Busy day at the local canoe place, obviously it was a Holiday weekend. We waited about forty-five minutes and we were off. We always drive to the put-in site so we don’t have to wait for the shuttle. Ellie knew exactly where she was going and she jumped right in the boat like she was Davey Crockett’s dog. We cast off of the shore and we were on our way. The couple next to us also brought their dog and she proceeded to swim half way down the course. Ellie preferred to sit in front of me with her paws on the bow pretending like she was steering. I can’t blame her for not wanting to swim, the water was cold! I braved it down one swimming stretch just to prove to Ellie that I could swim too. She ran along the bank nervously watching me. I am pretty sure she thought I was going to drown and she would be forced to rescue me. It is no joke that I call her “my faithful one.” She won’t let me out of her sight most days and she takes my safety very seriously.

So much so that I think she is more concerned with my well-being more than Hubby and here is why. About half-way down the river we were floating along enjoying the scenery and I had kicked back and put my legs up on the sides to sun, when I saw it.

The HUGEST water moccasin I have ever seen. Now, I have seen my share of them. Heck, we live right by the river and we see them every time we go down and get in the boat. It is not uncommon to see them “jumping” from tree to tree as you float down river, but today we saw the mother of all snakes, in the water, coming right for us.  

This thing’s head was so far out of the water that it could have taken a bite out of my foot if it wanted. It literally came out of nowhere. All of a sudden it was right at the front of the boat staring at me. My first instinct was to scream. For a split second I really thought it was going to jump in the boat and get us (or should I say git, we do, after all, live in the country).

As soon as I saw it coming for me all I could get out was, “Snake!”

I grabbed Ellie by the nape of the neck and yielded my paddle in case it lunged at her or me. She proceeded to jump in front of me and place herself between me and the snake. Honorable. I love this dog. She was protecting me. No way was a mean snake gonna get me with Ellie in the boat.

“What? Where?” said Hubby in his very unconcerned voice. After all, we see them all the time.

And then he saw it.

And he screamed, like a girl. Like a four year old little girl.


He not only screamed like a girl, he jumped out of his seat and lunged as far to the back of the boat as he could get and left his two women to fend for themselves. Here I was ready to take on this monstrous water mocassin with a canoe paddle and he was literally about to jump ship.

What. the. heck??!

“I’m sorry” he said over and over, “but it was looking right at us.”

“Really, really, was it now?! Who do you think it would have gotten first? Oh yeah, that would have been me. And where would you have been? Swimming away to safety! I hope you are proud of yourself, you manly man you!”

I laughed so hard and I made so much fun of him the rest of the trip. I will continue to do so for a very long time. As we floated down the river and talked to the other boaters of course I said, “Hey, did you hear my Hubby scream like a girl?”

“It was a very manly scream” he kept insisting.

No. It. Wasn’t.

And that is why I love him. He can scream, like a girl, and still insist he is manly.

Super Ellie

For My Friend

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Honestly, I have no idea how to express what all is going on in my head and in my heart right now. I have avoided writing “real” posts the past couple of weeks because quite honestly, I don’t want to come off negative and angry and hurt. I have avoided blogging by catching up on all of your lives and that has served as a very good distraction I must say.

I have done other things. I have been busy working. Let’s just say I have really been earning my money lately, it has been tough. I have gone for long walks and loved on my doggies and my Hubby and hung out with my fabulous family and friends. I have cleaned my house, and organized everything, and that makes me feel productive and free.

Still there is drama. There is drama that won’t go away.

First of all, I am a no drama type of girl. If I were to get a tattoo it would most likely be the words “no drama” in bold, bright letters tattooed right across my forehead. I choose to remove myself from people and events that stir up unnecessary issues. I don’t work or live well in it and I don’t tolerate it. Life is too short to get caught up in the “he said, she said” ridiculous behavior that should have been squashed with a very specific life lesson in Kindergarten. It seems that a disturbing amount of people missed that lesson and seem to thrive on the constant need to keep things stirred up in their life. I for one do not understand that and I never will. I refuse. I will remove myself from a relationship or a situation before I let you drag me down into that kind of scenario. Hence, my last three jobs. Enough said.

All that being said, someone I love has been caught up in the most ridiculous situation I have ever experienced. My friend is hurt, in pain, angry, beat-down, and being taken advantage of. I cannot even begin to go into all the details, even though they are valid and important. All I know is that my friend is trying to do something good, something honorable, and something that will change the lives of many, many people for years to come. She is a world-changer, a heroine, and a person whose heart is honorable and giving.

Yet, there is a person who continues to seek and destroy everything she does. I am not talking about a work scenario, or the “she moved my cheese,” or “she said she won’t play with me” behavior. This is a person who has openly worked to destroy her dreams and her goals, all the while costing her money, time and effort. She is now attempting to take the dream for herself all the while challenging her reputation and her characheter.

And. I. Have. Had. It.

I, myself, know this woman and it has been very hard for me to stand by and not do anything. Quite honestly, my whole group of friends has a very checkered her. She has treated us all badly. She treats everyone she comes into contact with like they are disposable, even her own children. There is no limit to her unethical and immoral behavior. I have been a first-hand witness to the behavior that she exhibits and it is hard for me to believe that such a person actually exists. It really is unlike anything I have ever seen. The stories I could tell you would make you sick, literally sick.

That is where I have been. I hate it when evil succeeds. I refuse to allow people to hurt and hinder those that I love. I just don’t know what to do about it. She may have won a battle, but she will not win the war.

To my friend who is going through such a hard time right now,

I honestly have no words for the amount of hurt and anger I feel for you right now. I only can say that I love you and I support you in all that you do and aspire to be. You are an amazing example to so many around you. You are a strong, confident, independent woman who will change this world with your desire and your passion to help and lift up people. You amaze me with your perseverance, your determination, and your desire to make a difference in the lives of those you come into contact with. You are an amazing inspiration and you deserve only the very best this world can offer you. Keep your head up, fight a good fight, and your dreams will come true. You amaze me everyday and I am so grateful to have you in my life.

We are with you.

Steven Curtis Chapman Family

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My heart is so sad right now. Never is it easy to hear about the death of a child, but this one strikes close. It is so hard to understand.

Steven Curtis Chapman’s daughter Maria died yesterday afternoon after an accident at their family home. Living here in Nashville, we have grown to love Steven Curtis even more. Mine and Hubby’s song is by him. He is an amazing contributor to so many good causes. We love going to his shows. He founded Shaohannah’s Hope, an adoption agency which specializes in placing orphans from all over the world. He and his family had adopted three girls from China, Maria being one of them.

I was in Franklin yesterday, near where the family lives around five o’clock. I saw the fire engines and the ambulances rushing South toward his home. As with every time I see something like that, I make a point to stop, pray, and ask that God’s will be done in the situation. At that time of course I had no idea what the emergency was. There is no explanation sometimes as to God’s will and to why He gives and why He takes away. I cannot imagine the pain of losing a child. Please say prayer for the Chapman family.

Photo from

Girlfriends Are a Necessity

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Tonight I had a date with my three main girlfriends. I have missed them so much. It has been ages since we have all been together, just the four of us.

We used to have a standing weekly date, every week without fail. We had some good times. Now new careers, distance, school, and other commitments seem to keep us from being able to see each other as much as we would like. It seems that when a few of us can get together at least one of us is traveling, or taking an exam, or just plain slammed and unable to commit.

Well, tonight, for the first time in forever we all made it. I have missed my ladies and love how no matter how long we have been away as a group we can pick back up and just be the same way we always are together. We all need a great inner-circle. I would not make it without mine. These ladies know me, challenge me, and inspire me with the the way they live their lives.

We are all on different life paths and we all came from different places. We are very diverse, but we are also the same. We have learned to respect and love each other for our uniqueness and our different perspectives. We share the same love of so many things, yet find our passions lie in many different areas. Yet, we understand each other, love each other, and lift each other up.

Do you have people that inspire you and help make you a better person? People who know what you want to say when you can’t say it? People who know when to step in and when to back off? People who encourage you to fulfill your dreams? People who care about you and your passions and take an interest in your life? People who are always there, even when they are nowhere near you? People who tell you the truth, even if it is hard to hear? People who make you want to be a better person?

I hope so. I know I couldn’t make it without mine. Love my ladies.

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