Kitty Update- Mrs. Lilac, Guest Blogger

April 25, 2008 at 3:31 pm | Posted in Family | 6 Comments

Hey there, Tipp fans- this is Mrs. Lilac. Since Tipp is busy working a lot these last few days, she invited me to guest blog about our kitty friend. Here’s the scoop……

Little Momma was getting pretty stressed out sharing quarters with Tipp’s doggies, Lily and Ellie. (Who, by the way, are about the cutest and sweetest pups ever.) They were just being normal curious dogs, but poor kitty, after all she’s been through, was hissing and tense and just not dealing well.

Tipp just felt so bad for the Little Momma, trying to get ready to labor and deliver under stress. So Tipp got in touch with Julia, the AMAZING cat rescue pro who has been helping us along. It just so happened that Julia had just gotten a call from an experienced kitty foster mom who was really wanting to foster a pregnant mama kitty. Talk about good timing!

However, Tipp, being the sweet-hearted girl she is, about had a nervous breakdown taking Little Momma to vet to get some tests and be transferred over. Tipp was bawling on the phone to me, and luckily Julia was there to give Tipp a big hug and some reassurance when she handed over our kitty friend.

So- Little Momma is happily nesting in a safe warm home with a wonderful family. No signs of kittens yet, but it should be any time now! As “honorary” foster moms, Tipp and I are going to be getting email updates, as well as going to visit the Little Momma and her kittens when they are born. Trust me, we will definitely be posting pictures!

The foster family, seeing the beautiful little white “slippers” that our kitty friend has on her feet, has decided to name her Cinderella. How sweet is that? And she certainly has the rags-to-riches story to go with it!

And they all lived happily ever after…………… 🙂



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  1. Awww 🙂 Glad they all found homes!

  2. Good to hear they are doing good!

  3. oh gosh… I don’t want to hear kitty stories. for some reason they make me cry! I hope kitty is doing well.

  4. Hey there! I currently have this cat as our foster and she is in the middle of labor! We are calling her Rosalie based on a bit of shakespeare (Rosaline, Rosalind) and other books. We didn’t know about the Cinderella name. She is an amazing cat and I love her. We have four kittens so far, and they have gotten progressively blacker. # 1 is patchy white and black like Rosie, #2 has some white on its paws and belly, #3 has a little strip of white on nose and a little on belly, and #4 is all black as far as we can tell. Still may be more to come…..thanks for letting us get her!

  5. Thanks all my friends!

    Hey Allie,

    Email me! I would love to talk with you and I don’t have your email! I know we were up to 5 last night around 2am.

    Email me at

    Thanks so much for taking care of our girl!

  6. awe! I can’t wait to hear the kitty updates. Thanks for letting us know the scoop on kitty momma.

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