Little Momma Update

April 23, 2008 at 7:43 am | Posted in Family | 13 Comments
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Apparently all I need to help with kitty is a yodeling cucumber.

Hubby has been singing this over and over to the Little Momma, sans yodeling, and it will not get out of my head!

So update on Little Momma. Took her to the trusty vet yesterday where she was a big hit with the staff there. And no, my vet does not yodel either! He says for her condition she looks like everything should go well. She is only eight pounds with probably four little babies in tow, so she is teeny and has a lot of catching up to do for such a little girl. She is hopefully a year old, but I have my doubts, she looks like a baby herself.

Lily acts as though she isn’t really here, Ellie is very curious. Kitty is tolerating them both, and they are growing on each other. The vet says that it could be today or within the week. She is still eating and not really “nesting” yet, so Hubby and I think it will be a few days. She did raise a few eyebrows last night when she started doing some crazy panting. Turns out she was just hot.

Thanks for all of your fabulous birthing tips! I am sure when the moment comes I will turn into Prissy from Gone With the Wind and run away screaming, “I don’t know nothing bout birthin babies kittens” leaving Mrs. Lilac alone. I promise I will try not to!



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  1. You are so going to end up keeping that cat. Good luck with the birth. I am of no help.

    And that is, btw, the best line from any movie, ever.

  2. Okay. So you mentioned Gone with the Wind. And funny thing is – our first cat was named after GWTW (as my obsessed mom refers to it), Pitty Pat the Kitty Cat. We also had Pitty Pat 2, FYI.

    Ashley, Tara, Melanie, and Emmie – we’re all named after GWTW. Pretty crazy. (And my mom is obviously a total dork!)

  3. isn’t it hilarious to hear cats pant? i had never heard it before and i’ve had cats for years. that is, until i got holly, the kitty i posted about the other day. she runs thru the house all the time and is constantly panting out of complete exhaustion. lol

  4. I can’t wait to see pics of the little kittens!

  5. Ah now, the pregnant cat that we adopted looked so young. My husband called her the gym-slip mother. But it turned out that she was really around 8 or 9 years old and had probably had dozens of litters!

  6. Um I cannot tell you how much I love veggie tales. AHMAZEING

  7. Awww, baby kitties!!! I hope all goes well with the birthin, and do your best to channel Scarlett instead of Prissy. Give yourself a firm slap to the face if need be 😉

  8. Good luck to ya! Take pictures because some of us want to see Kitty with her kittens. And maybe have your hubby take a few pics of you – just so we can see you in freaked-out mode. kthxbai!

  9. I’m glad the vet thinks everything will go fine! Good luck!

  10. That was a cute video 🙂

  11. I’m so happy to hear she is doing well, and that the kittens should be coming soon! I really wish I lived closer to you because I would love to adopt one for whenever I become an adult.

    Good luck with the birthing! I cannot wait to see photos of the babies!

  12. I loved the Gone with the Wind reference – hilarious. I hope you use the Prissy voice when you say it!

  13. You are in love. I can tell already. Smitten with the kitten. I am so excited for your kitty baby’s to arrive. I wish I could be there to help with the miracle.

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