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April 22, 2008 at 11:27 am | Posted in Family, Life, Photos | 21 Comments

It has been an eventful past few days in my humble abode.

One of the things that has been going on is that Mrs. Lilac, my wonderful, kind-hearted soul sister, has recruited me to help her find a home for an adorable little pregnant kitty that was left abandoned near her home. She is unable to take her in due to a family member who has allergies. She has done so much emailing and calling to rescue shelters to find her a home before she gives birth to her kittens.

Unfortunately, so many rescues in our state are inundated with little kittens and pregnant mommies and we were turned away from all but one.

Mrs. Lilac wrote all about our mission:

A very young, pregnant cat appeared in our neighborhood recently. Definitely not a feral cat- very friendly, so affectionate and loving. My daughter and I have been feeding her. I was beginning to panic that she would have her kittens out here in the woods.

So, yesterday I spent most of the day calling cat rescue groups. I made probably 25 calls, and sent maybe 10 emails. I fed Kitty several times yesterday- she was ravenous every time. When my kids were napping, I sat outside with her in the sunshine. She nuzzled and purred and climbed in my lap, and then she settled down right next to my side and rested, content.

After dinner, a rescue group called. They offered to come get her last night. I asked about what would happen to her and her kittens. The lady told me that typically they spay the mother cat. I didn’t realize that was even an option since she was already pregnant. Yep, it is an option. They just remove the entire uterus with the kittens inside it. She assured me that if any of the kittens began breathing, they would be bottle-fed and otherwise treated humanely, and then homes would be found for the mother and the kittens.

I felt so torn. I know I wasn’t really in a position to be picky- almost any rescue would be preferable to being left outside to fend for herself. I just couldn’t feel good about it. I called Tipp, and she totally understood how I was feeling. I really had to trust that God would honor my choice not to let these kittens be aborted and taken from their mother. We hung up to go make other calls, and another rescue called telling me about a possible foster family.

Just to keep Kitty safe in the meantime, my daughter Opal and I got Kitty into a carrier, and loaded up to take her to Tipp’s house to stay for the interim.

The long drive was full of so many precious opportunities for me to interact with my daughter. I told Opal that when the Bible tells us to love our neighbor, our neighbor is anyone whose need we see and whose need we are in a position to try and meet. I told her that the Bible says that not even a sparrow falls to the ground without God knowing about it. At one point, Kitty meowed a little, and Opal said, “I know why she’s crying. She’s afraid we’re taking her somewhere where her babies will get lost.” I can’t tell you the relief that flooded me because I was able to say with a clear conscience, “Well, you just tell Kitty that we’re taking her somewhere that she and her babies will all be safe.”

So for now, Kitty is well-fed, well-loved, and safe with Tipp- the world’s sweetest lady ever- and her totally awesome husband. When we left her last night, Kitty was purring, all stretched out on the carpeted floor, with her eyes closed, just totally blissed out.

I’m not telling you any of this to toot my own horn or say what a wonderful person I am. Here is why IT’S NOT JUST A CAT. My point is that reaching out to a person or animal who needs you should be the NORM, not the exception. IGNORING PAIN AND SUFFERING IS NOT NORMAL. As a mother of three, this has to do with what kind of human beings I am raising to go out into this world. Do I want to raise kids who look at every situation and say, “It’s not my problem!” Do I want to raise kids who turn a blind eye to suffering and need? I want to raise kids with hearts full of compassion who will be good citizens of the world. I want to raise young people who will look out into the world, with all its problems, and not turn away- who will say to themselves, “I wonder what I can do to help?” I don’t want to raise young people who look at every situation in terms of what’s comfortable for them, and what’s convenient for them. I want them to look at every situation in terms of what small thing they can do to contribute, and I want them to leave every place they encounter a little better than they found it.

It’s NOT JUST A CAT. It’s about the future of the world.


I love how she puts it. It is not just about a cat. It is about helping a living thing in distress. If everyone everywhere took a little bit of responsibility to help out a living soul in need, this world would be a better place! Mrs. Lilac and I tend to get so overwhelmed by the vastness of hurt and suffering in this world and this is just a little way for us to chip at the problem.

We get so angry when people say to just turn her out or send her to a shelter, she will be killed and so will her babies. I wish more people would truly stop to think about what that means. Why is it up to us to decide who should live and die? Why can people turn a blind eye when a living thing needs help? What does that say about us? I encourage you to make a difference today in the life of someone or some soul.

We have heard all the excuses, we know we can’t save them all. But we can save this one. And to this one and a few little kittens, it matters. It means changing the world.

 Now, can anyone give me any pointers on birthing kittens? Mrs. Lilac and I have a job ahead of us!



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  1. This kitty has the sweetest foster mama ever! And I have the sweetest friend ever! 🙂

  2. wow she’s a cutie…..

    we rescued a cat who looked just like that some time ago. Unfortunately we couldn’t keep him because we already have our hands full with one cat, Dennis, who is also a rescue that just followed us into our apartment one night. Victor, the other fellow, is now with a nice foster couple.

    Birthing kittens: no personal experience but from what I’ve heard from others, just get something like a nice sized laundry basket with some towels or comfy blankets on the bottom, or a nice sized box with the same……or even a bassinette if you have one. Then just sit with her while she gives birth……I’d ask a vet though. Some cats give birth without much trouble. The new mom might turn very protective of her babies and so might not be as affectionate, and might want you to leave the room pronto after she’s finished giving birth. The n just make sure she’s caring for them properly…..you’ll probably have to get a larger litterbox. She’ll need room to get in there and make her kittens go potty. They won’t be able to control those reflexes until they’re about 4-6 weeks old.

    I read alot, so that’s how I can spew all that stuff out so quickly…….I’m autistic and can retain a lot of random facts in my mind. Doesn’t always do me much good for practical stuff, but oh well. God bless, and thanks for caring about the kitty.

    Athena of athenivanidx

    one of three autistic personalities sharing a body.

  3. You guys don’t by chance live in Kansas do you. Our kitty just ran away (don’t know if she was pregnant or not) and she looks just like this.

  4. ooh and a note about birthing kittens. Once the kittens are born, try not to handle them too much. If you touch the baby kittens too much, I’ve seen the mom cat smell the kittens and abandon them because they don’t recognize them anymore because of the human smell.

  5. Aww, the poor cat! Good luck with the birth.

  6. Just pay attention to momma and see what she wants. I know some animals don’t want humans near when they give birth. In which case, as previously mentioned, just be near enough to keep an eye on things, see if anyone is in distress, that sort of thing. But I had a cat who did NOT want to be left alone. She wanted me at her side most of the time. If I sat on the other side of the room, she would cry and often begin to get up…mid-contraction (!) to come to me. So I would go sit on the floor next to her and she was as content as could be. You know, for being in labor and all 😉
    That cat also insisted on being near me while I was in labor. She went into labor and birthed her kittens on the same day I went into labor with my first child hehe Anyway, she knew I was in my room, door closed as we had male visitors in the living room 😉 (uh, I home birth in case you didn’t catch that already haha) Anyway….she kept trying to toss/squish her newborn kittens UNDER the door to get them all in my room. I finally told someone to just let her in, she would be fine, she’d find a place and that would be that. And…that she did. And there she was content. Funny stuff. Anyway…as with human births…the hands off approach is really the best course of action. Just observe. Assist only when and as *really* needed.

    (moseyed over from Mrs. Lilac’s)

  7. We took in a pregnant cat a few years ago. She’s been the sweetest kitty ever! My mom and I did up a shallow box for her, with old blankets and a bowl of water nearby. She didn’t mind us around during the birth, but she was very vocal. The first one or two kittens seemed to be quite painful, so don’t be surprised if she screams in pain. Seriously, it’s a super scary noise! The rest just kind of plopped out and she purred throughout the rest of her labor. Go figure. Just make sure she’s comfortable and let her take care of everything herself. Good luck!!

  8. I think you both are doing an absolutely wonderful thing!

    I wish there were more people like you who take the time to stop and help a living creature instead of just sending it to a shelter where it will most likely get put down.

    Unfortunately I don’t have any birthing advice, my cats have always been neutered… but good luck!

  9. have you looked into out of state rescue groups? The one we got our pup from found her in WV so there are definitely groups that are willing to travel. Also perhaps, look at petfinder.com and they might have some suggestions.

    Good luck 🙂 that’s such a sad story but bless your heart for trying to do the right thing for the poor cat ❤

  10. awwwww…good luck. I hope all goes well.

  11. I feel this post to my bones. While I’m not a cat person, I did adopt my dog from a no-kill shelter. And and and … if only these places had more room and good-hearted people had more time/money. I wish I could give you advice on birthing the kittens, but I can’t. Instead, I’ll wish you luck in your cause!

  12. Ahhhh the animal sob stories are becoming too much for me! You’re such a good person for taking this on.

  13. That was so sweet! It also has me in tears!

  14. What a sweet looking cat. It’s wonderful you have done this for her-and a great lesson for kids on how to be a decent, kind, human beings. As for cat labor, I’ve had several cats that have had kittens and what everybody else has said is pretty much spot on. She will probably be very vocal during labor. I used to just talk to mine in a low, calm voice. Once, when kittens were being born on the back porch, all I did was narrate a baseball game that was on TV to the cat. I could see the TV through the door, but couldn’t hear it. If she’s ok with it, pet her. Have a double set of blankets, rags and towels on hand. It is birth and it is messy. Change them a few hours after the last kitten is born. Kittens can take several hours to be born. I went to bed one night and there were 3 kittens.When my mom woke me up the next morning, there were 5. Keep her litter box,food and water near the kitten box, so she doesn’t have to go far for necesseties.She will tidy up after the kittens for the first 3 or 4 weeks. Kind of gross, but that’s nature. She looks like a young cat from the pic, so this could be her first litter. It will take a kitten being born for her to get what is going on.Good luck ad please post pcs when the babies arrive.

  15. I wish I had some better advice for you.I have birthed some puppies but not kittens. I really admire what you are doing. I am an animal lover all the way and could not agree with you more. I could never allow kittens to be aborted. The thought makes me sick. One tip with the puppies-ot sure if it works for kitties- when the pups started nrusing right away the rest of the deliveries went very smoothly. Good luck and please keep us updated. I will be thinking of you and that beautiful kitty.

  16. I caught your post from the front page of wordpress. Awww, I’m so glad that you took the mother cat. We took in a stray cat who was pregnant and she gave us so much joy. She had three lovely kittens. We kept one and the RSPCA helped find a home for the other two. Sadly, as she was a stray and had been for a long time, she had leukemia, which she passed on to her babies. But she lived with us for another year and we had her son for nearly 3 years. Your Mummy cat will let you know what she wants. My girl wanted me to lie on the floor beside her and gently rub her tummy.

    I wish you had the RSPCA in the US. They never put an animal down unless it’s necessary to save the animal from suffering. No animal shlter in the UK, no matter how stretched, would kill an animal.

  17. hi there…….

    how’s the kitty doing?

    The Integral of athenivanidx

  18. I love Mrs. Lilac’s note. It’s great that y’all are helping Kitty and her babies.

    How is she doing? Do you know more about birthing kittens now? And how is she around your dogs?

  19. […] know Mrs. Lilac updated you on the situation with our rescue mission. Here are a few more insightful moments on the trek to finding Kitty, a.k.a Little Momma, a.k.a […]

  20. my first cat had kittens and i held them all the time she didnt abandon them at all she raised them up fine. My 2nd cat just had a litter 2 weeks ago and i been handling them every day after i put them back she cleans the crap out of them(which is hysterically funny)

  21. […] you to the crazy neighbors who are still as crazy. Mrs. Lilac and I tried to save the world thru a sweet little kitty and I almost had a nervous breakdown giving her […]

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