I’ve Got Answers Part One.

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Wow, I was so overwhelmed with all of you curious cats out there! You guys came up with some great questions so here we go with Part Uno of this look into my life.

1. Submitted by SleepyJane and EP

“What is the most embarrasing thing that has happened to you? EVER?”

When I was in High School I was a JV cheerleader the year that my brother was a Senior football player. I was the Captain of the JV squad and I was responsible for helping the girl who was the Captain of the Varsity squad plan and prepare for the pep rallies.

She came up with this great idea to “roast” the Senior football players at the Homecoming pep rally by having a Varsity cheerleader dress-up in the guys’ jersey, pads, and helmet and “perform” as the Senior guy to a song specifically picked out for them that was kind of autobiographical of them. It was such a cute idea and I was all for it. That was until I learned that there were only ten Varsity cheerleaders and eleven Senior football players. Since my brother was one of the Senior players it was quickly mandated that I would be the one to “play” him on the day of the pep rally.

So, they picked an “autobiographical song” they hoped to best represent each of the guys. The redneck cowboy got a Garth Brooks song. The hip-hop lover got something by Coolio like Gangsta’s Paradise. You get the idea.

Well, my brother was one of the shortest on the football team and so I got to “perform” to the great song (sarcasm implied) by Skee-Lo that went something like this:

I wish I was little bit taller,
I wish I was a baller
I wish I had a girl who looked good
I would call her
I wish I had a rabbit in a hat with a bat
and a ’64 Impala

I had to walk out in front of the whole student body as the only JV cheerleader and pretend to be my brother and free-style dance to this song. I am pretty sure that there was some butter-flying involved.

As if this wasn’t embarrassing enough, his helmet was so big I couldn’t see out of it and it kept falling down over my eyes. I myself am very short – 5’1″ to be exact – and having to wear a huge jersey with full pads, coupled with a way to big helmet and my legs sticking out the bottom because I was in my cheerleader skirt, well, let’s just say I was a sight! I looked nothing like my brother, more like something out of a really bad high school football movie meets alien invasion.

It is a wonder that I made it out in front of the crowd and was able to stay on my feet. I was so mortified. My brother loved it though and they thought his song was the most original. He was proud of his sister’s interpretation of him.

There is a video, but it is “lost” somewhere. Thank God!




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  1. K. Yes, we are soul sistas.

    I am also 5’1″!!

    That sounds hilarious. Good think your most embarassing moment was also humorous for others. Mine kinda just grosses people out and then makes them pity me.

    Consider yourself lucky!

  2. LOL, I like how you “lost” that video!

  3. This sounds hilarious! Sounds like something I would do. So great! And yeah, uh huh, it’s “lost”. Pshh! You have it locked in a safety deposit box at the bank 😉

  4. That’s not embarrassing – that’s awesome. It sounds like you were a hit.

  5. Ashley, we were so seperated at birth.

    Auburn Kat- it is no where to be found.

    Curly Sue- I’ll never tell! 😉

    Meg- trust me, it was embarassing!

  6. Yikes! Haha. Oh, memories.

  7. I love that song! Great story!

  8. Aww, I’m glad your brother enjoyed it. I would have been mortified, too. You’re way braver than I ever was!

  9. LoL, that’s a great story! Aw you must have looked so cute!!

  10. OMG that is too good!! I hate that song! LOL 🙂 Thanks for sharing this with us. I can only imagine you dancing to that BLEH song!! haha!

  11. OMG I can’t even imagine. I give you tons of credit for doing it!

  12. i’m sitting at my desk singing.

    i wish i was like 6 foot 9
    so i could get with beyonce
    she don’t know me
    but i think she’s really fine.

    i love that. i was the freshman varsity tennis player who had to stand out in the middle of a pep rally hitting candy to the students with my tennis racquet while my brothers were a sophomore and senior.

  13. LOL!!!! OMG! Thank goodness the video is lost.

  14. haha are you kidding? I would’ve LOVED to do that! and part of HS pep fests are made up of all that silliness. I think it’d be a fun experience 🙂 plus- my brother would’ve made fun of me for forever and he would’ve secretly enjoyed the attention! ha! 🙂

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