Need Help – In Form of Posts!

April 16, 2008 at 4:21 pm | Posted in 20 Something Bloggers | 14 Comments

Alrighty people!

It is April 16th and you know what that means, right!

One day after your taxes are due, well, yeah, that is true. You people only thought you were deadline free right???

Ok, so here is what I need.


Some of you have already submitted your wonderful posts and I am so very grateful and love you all, now I need those of you who have not submitted to do so!

Now for those of you who have, you can still help. Because you love me so much and you would do anything for me (wink, wink) I would like to ask if you would post a friendly reminder on your very own blog to get your 20something bloggers involved.

Since we all have a different set of readers that stretch throughout our little 20sb land, I want to get the word out to everyone that we want submissions!

What: Blog Carnival 3rd Edition – The Theme is Test

When: Submissions must be made by April 30

Where: Submit all entries here!

For More Info: You can direct them here to this post or to the 20sb Forum here.

I owe you all my wonderful friends!



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  1. I will! I will! I promise!

  2. Tipp, I was out of town last week, but in a post this week I’ll note it to the world. My memory has to be jogged when it goes up as well, so I can post a link to it at my site.

  3. Go read about how you can get a CD from yours truly here.

  4. I haven’t submitted an entry, so I’ll keep that in mind over the weekend. 🙂

  5. Well, I’m not exactly a 20-something blogger, so it’s hard for me to participate or promote. However, I’m eager to see the results!

  6. I’m SOO going to do this. Uh, soon. I procrastinate way too much. 🙂

  7. I haven’t submitted anything, but I can’t wait to see what everyone else submits!

  8. I’ll submit something after work!! I need a little bit to think!! 🙂

  9. I hope the blog carnival goes well.

  10. I really hope the carnival goes great, I just don’t have any test stories. The only thing I’ve got is testing my husband’s patience…not good.

  11. Haha. I will do my best to find something to enter. I’m not sure if I have written about any tests…

  12. Thanks so much everyone!

  13. I submitted my post from today… It’s about tests in a more metaphoric sense, but I think it’s a pretty interesting post. *crosses fingers*

  14. I submitted my post a week or so ago, but I think I forgot to email you something…can’t really remember. I hope I did everything right!

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