Just A Few of the Many Things. . .

April 14, 2008 at 7:57 pm | Posted in Thoughts | 21 Comments

I don’t know:

  • why it is mid-April and they are calling for snow showers
  • why Ellie will not let Lily have a chewie in peace
  • why some people only call when they need something from us, not when they just want to talk
  • how my house stays so messy even after many hours of straightening and cleaning. Can someone please explain this to me?
  • why my parent’s cat refuses to like me, even though I have taken care of it while they have been gallivanting off in Hawaii
  • how it is possible to have a better connection when I talk to my parents in Hawaii than when they are a few miles down the road
  • why Hubby and I “talk” for Lily and Ellie, but we do!
  • why people continue to fill out the same myspace questionnaires over and over and post them as bulletins every single day!
  • how to keep my car clean. It is impossible.
  • why Howie Mandell is giving away tons of money to frat boys. Really, with all the worthy people out there struggling?
  • why I can’t just relax and not do anything – ever.
  • where I will be in a week, and I kinda like it that way!
  • how to cook. I mean really cook. I am working on that.
  • how one Dr. Pepper can make my head hurt so bad


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  1. mmm…did you say dr pepper??

  2. Lol!

  3. deal or no deal bugs the crap out of me too!!! hey lets give an immature frat boy, who is going to spend all his money on kegs the chance to win a million dollars, not the single mom with three kids or the single chick up to her eye balls in debt.


  4. Haha. I definitely agree with a few of these.

    It’s really chilly here, too. What is going on with this weather?!

  5. I don’t get the weather either, I want sun & warmth!!

    Pop always makes my head hurt too, and I hate it because sometimes it just tastes so good.

  6. Howie needs hair. Plain and simple. It’s funny you have this posted because I just finished a very SHORT version of my new “thing” I want to do called It’s Okay… 🙂 Oh, and, about the weather?! It was almost 75 here today, another gorgeous day tomorrow, and then down in the 50’s tomorrow with either snow or rain overnight during mid-week. Ugh.

  7. my brother and I have discovered that when my parents “clean” they merely move piles of crap to a different location. so really, they never really clean, just move stuff in a different spot. lol.

    annnnd I shamefully have to admit, I’ve become semi-addicted (ok- seriously, I’m really just *that* bored) to doing myspace bulletin surveys again.

  8. I really don’t like shows where they give money away for some stupid reason. A million Dollars/Rand is a lot of money to people that don’t have it – and this all for entertainment. So I fon’t get that either.

    I hate myspace surveys.

  9. Boo to this damn weather.

    Cooking=easy…lets take a class…USN baby!

  10. Glad you found me, too! I’m always glad to find new blogs to read as well!

  11. I agree…It’s so cold outside, and it’s supposed to be in the 70’s. This is ridiculous! I really don’t like it by the way.

  12. this is my second day of wearing my winter coat!! it’s mid-april. spring, get it together! 🙂

  13. I totally talk to Horatio… all the time.

  14. I don’t understand why my house or car can’t stay clean either. It really gets old cleaning them every day.

  15. I don’t know why my house can’t stay clean either. It drives me crazy!!! The cooking though, Food Network. It will change your life…I promise!

  16. Re number three, I guess these people really believe that a friend in need, is a friend indeed?

    Tell them to stop doing that.

  17. Love this list.

    As for cleaning, you gotta purge purge purge girl. I used to be a pile mover around type and it was only after I got rid of like 2/3 of my junk did my house really become & stay clean.

    If this isn’t the case for you, just blame it on the dogs 😉

  18. Great post!!

    I don’t know why it’s so FREAKING cold.

    Or why I clean and it gets messy like *that*

  19. I think – on some level – you and I are the same person.

  20. Jaclyn- I am learning that is what is going to have to be done. While I am not a pack rat I do have things that still have no use, can’ make me money, etc. etc. etc. I need to do some more cleaning out!

    Good point! And I do blame some on the dogs and some on Hubby too!

    Ben- maybe we are long-lost twins or something- OHHH, conspiracy theory!

  21. This weather is going to drive me to the mental hospital. I have all my sandals out and ready to wear, but Mother Nature just will not cooperate. So frustrating.

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