An Open Letter

April 12, 2008 at 5:43 pm | Posted in Family | 16 Comments
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To the person/persons who left the gates open at the dog park:

In the future when you choose to use our dog park as your personal walking track/sightseeing tour/waterfall adventure please make sure you close all gates associated with dog park use.

If you choose to walk out the back gate of the complex and leave said gate wide open I can guarantee you that the two dogs that will find the open portal to utter danger will be mine. They will scurry out thinking that it is a day in which we choose to allow them to walk down by the river for a lap and quite possibly a swim. But we did not allow them that privilege today because well, the river is in flood stages and the white water current could have swept one of my little babies away in a heartbeat, and that would have made me a bad person to subject my dogs to such danger.

Obviously, that is not something you took into consideration with your flippant disregard for the safety and security of all the animals involved.

After many agonizing moments of hoping that my only children would not go bolting toward the water, which at the moment resembles something out of the movie Deliverance, thinking it would be the same, fun, tame river they were always used to- they proved me wrong.

No amount of ball throwing, calling, threatening, or bribing would deter them from running head first into one of the most dangerous situations they have ever come into contact with. Yes, my dogs are bright and very intelligent, but they only know a calm river and not the fierce swirling water trap they were headed directly for and they were ready to jump in without a care in the world.

Thank God they were deterred at the last moment by another dog and we all managed to corall them back into the safety of the gates.

Therefore, when you walk back through the dog park from the walking trail to get to your car and you again leave the gate open on the path to the river, I make no excuses for the looks of wrath and complete annoyance I sling your way. You are the second rate citizen at a place where the priority is our four-legged children, and you must take their safety seriously and not be so careless with closing the exits and entrances to their domain.

Thank God my husband did not have to dive into the water today to perform yet another rescue attempt on Lily, like he did a few weeks ago. You would have felt the ultimate wrath of an angry mother/wife.

Seriously, get a clue.

Dog lovers everywhere thank you.


Concerned Mama of Lily and Ellie (aka, the coolest dogs at the dog park)



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  1. We don’t have any dogs, but I’m an “aunt” to my sister’s two beautiful pups and I would DIE if anything happened to them….like falling into a crazy, white water current river…all due to a stupid person’s careless mistake!

    I love your letter…..I think you should think about sending it in to your local paper’s editorial page to warn other dog owners in your area!

  2. That makes me really sick to my stomach. I can’t even say I’ve had major close calls with Calvin but I don’t know what I’d do with myself if I did. I’m glad everyone is okay and that this time you’ll be more prepared to manage the idiots of the world.

  3. OMG I would have gone apeshit on those people. My god is a bolter. Only when the thrill of freedom wears off and she looks around and realizes that mom isn’t there does she come running back, and that thrill just doesn’t wear off all too quick.

    I hate people. Most people are so self centered and unaware of the world around them that they just don’t realized that they are dipshits.

  4. Causing harm to my animals (inadvertently or not) is the quickest path to me bringing the crazy. I have next to no temper, but I would be out for blood.

    Glad your pups are okay. 🙂

  5. I’m so happy your babies are safe!! I would totally have your back in a brawl between dog lover/mothers and people who have no regard for the safety of said animals.

  6. People are stupid. That is all

    now got check out my post and weigh in!! I need HELP!

  7. oh my goodness. perhaps you should just got ahead and print this post out and hand it to the perpetrator! that would sure get um!

    i’m glad your doggies are safe though! : )

  8. Here, Here! What numb nuts would leave the gate open. Obviously not a dog owner or a very bad one! It’s one thing to lose your dog to natural causes but if something as stupid as him running out a opened gate due to someones stupidity and he got hit, taken, lost, etc. I’d have to kill someone!

  9. That’s awful! I cannot believe that someone would be so carless as to leave the gate open.

    Thank goodness everyone’s OK. And here’s to hoping that the person who left the gate open (a) never comes back or (b) remembers to shut it next time.

  10. That’s awful! I cannot believe that someone would be so carless as to leave the gate open.

    Thank goodness everyone’s OK. And here’s to hoping that the person who left the gate open (a) never comes back or (b) remembers to shut it next time.

  11. Tagged you for a meme. Go here, and scroll to the bottom (it’s a loooong post).

  12. It’s too bad people have little regards for other people,or their property. I’d like to say that my pets are a part of my family they are like my children and I love them very much.If people were more considerant there would be peace among neighbors and strangers alike .I’m glad your pets are safe but continue to keep yout eyes open,they aren’t the only inconsiderant people out there.PEACE

  13. I’d be furious, as I’m sure you were. Some people just don’t THINK!!!! I’d give them a good talking to!!

  14. I can not stand thoughtless people! Thank goodness your babies were ok!

  15. Awww I’m SO glad your dogs were okay. They need a gate that auto shuts or something

  16. McMommy- I am seriously considering it, great suggestion!

    Ben- seriously, nothing is worse than watching your baby head straight for danger and have no control over it. I am so glad you have not had to go through that with Calvin!

    Dutchess- ditto, I really had to use so much self-control that day. My dogs are the same way, they may enjoy the freedom, but by the time they realize they are in for it it can be too late.

    Heather- I seriously feel the same way. There is no excuse!

    Tara- good to know, I may need your help if it happens again!

    Alexa- thanks! I am considering papering all the cars at the dog park with it!

    1218- my thoughts exactly, no dog no dog park, seems simple doesn’t it?

    EP- seriously, I am so with you.

    Jane- I know! I am sorry about Sammy, I am thinking about you!

    Meg- it really does come down to thoughtlessness. A trait I despise!

    Maxie- that might be a good solution. I guess they are trying to keep the little doggies from getting squished, maybe that is why they don’t have them.

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