Shopping With No Mulah

April 11, 2008 at 1:54 pm | Posted in Friends, Fun Times | 25 Comments
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Last night Rosy hosted a fabulous party consisting of a clothes swap/game night/Mexican fiesta.

This in essence is shopping with no mulah involved. We all brought clothes, accessories, bags, and shoes and did a huge Yankee swap.

And I made off with a ton!

After we divulged in enchiladas, sangria, and a sinfully delicious chocolate pizza, a la Mrs. Lilac, we proceeded to swap all of our goodies.

And here is what I scored!

A fabulous new purse.

A great calf-length sweater I have been eying on Rosy all Winter, now it is mine! Hey, it is still a little chilly and there is always next year!

A new cami compliments of Melissa, just in time for Summer!

And. . . . .

Not one. . .

Not two. . . .

But, THREE pairs of shoes!

It really does not get any better than this! And I cleaned out my closet and got rid of stuff I no longer wear.

Win, WIN!

Shout out to all my girls who supplied me with my new editions!

Special note to Mrs. Lilac: You are never allowed to bring said chocolate pizza within five feet of me ever again! I can not stop eating it!



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  1. This is an AWESOME idea! I must remember to throw a clothing swap party!

  2. now i’m wanting the chocolate pizza recipe!!

    and i just noticed you’re reading atonement! FANTASTIC! can’t wait to hear what you think about it.

  3. How does it work? I’d love to throw one. 🙂

  4. Renee- it was an EXCELLENT idea!!!

    Kristin- here is the link to Mrs Lilac’s recipe blog!

    Angela- basically, everyone cleans out what they don’t want. You all bring it and everyone presents their stash and then whoever wants it takes it. It only almost got ugly one or two times! Bring your compromising attitude! Whatever is left over goes to charity!

  5. This is a great idea Tipp!! Wow, great loot you got there!

  6. What a FANTASTIC idea! I need to do something like that with my friends too.

  7. Oooo I should totally do this. I have a ton of shit I don’t even know I have anymore.

  8. Let me get this straight– chocolate pizza, shoes, and a really cute new purse? That sounds like a good plan for all involved. Love the braided (?), bronzey sandals, very spring/summery!

  9. You and your friends are genius!!! I’m broke, desperate and TOTALLY in need of adorable new flats. I shall steal this idea and make it my own. Many thanks!

    Now, to find friends that wear a size 9 shoe.

  10. Hey! Thanks for your comment. That is a really good haul from the clothes swap, I have always wanted to do one but I am afraid people would bring their crappy stuff. This is promising, though!

  11. Man you did rack up! I am in love iwth my new stuff also! I am also kind of salty about Melissa’s shoes, just a half a size bigger and J and I would have been brawling over those!

    and Mrs. Lilac, I fully agree! That was the most delicious thing I have ever eaten in my entire life. My two pieces are LONG gone! I will be making that recipe.

  12. what an AWESOME idea, you really scored!!

    and what’s this about chocolate pizza?? must.check.out!

  13. What a great idea!! Too bad I don’t know many women here and the one I do know is a great friend but she is only 5’0″ tall and about 105 pounds dripping weight of complete fitness. *sigh*

  14. Sleepy Jane, yes I got some great stuff!!

    Jess- do it, good times to be had by all.

    Maxie- we all have crap we don’t want, do it, you will love it! Great girlfriend fun!

    Megan- yes, and it was all FREEE!!! Those shoes are I think my favorite too!

    Devon- you need to come South. So many of my friends are 9’s and needed someone to swap with too!

    Lauren, we had our share of crappy stuff too, but that made for a good laugh about our bad fashion judgements!

    Rosy- ditto, enjoy the sour kids.

    Jimaie- did you see the link to the recipe? Scroll up!

    Curly Sue, we have one of those two, we traded shoes, maybe you could do shoes, or just purses or accessories, the possibilities are endless!

  15. What a cool idea, but I don’t think I could ever do this because most women don’t fit into children’s clothing… like me.

  16. what a fantastic idea!

  17. This is an AMAZING idea! I want to organize something like this for my friends now. Hmm.

    Also, what’s the recipe for the chocolate pizza? It sounds delish.

  18. I LOVE clothes swaps! Since I’m an RA in my dorm at school, I had a swap last year with the girls on my floor and I’m going to do another one this year! They’re so much fun and you get cool clothes!

  19. Steph- you could just do shoes, that would be enough to get me there!

    Chickbug- I know, I wish I could take credit for it! Better Homes supplied the idea.

    EP- go see Mrs. Lilac’s recipe blog here:


    Angela- I wish I had done this when I lived in a dorm, though living in a dorm was kinda like a free for all all the time on other people’s closets!

  20. Ack! This is brilliant!!! I LOVE giving things away, and getting secondhand stuff.

  21. That is an awesome idea!

  22. I really wanna do that!

  23. this sounds like a fabulous idea! i was just thinking how i need to really go through all of my stuff. i’ve also been needing an excuse to have a fun girl party 🙂 thanks!!

  24. I love clothes swaps!! It really is the best way for everyone to get some great new stuff without any money. When we did ours, I came out the winner too! I wear the stuff I came home with all of the time, but if I had been at yours, we may have had to fight over that purse.

  25. What a great idea! The purse is my fave – who would give that up?!

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