Dancing Observations

April 9, 2008 at 1:40 pm | Posted in TV | 17 Comments

Observations on Dancing With The Stars:

  • I think Priscilla Presley is a little creepy looking in that outfit, kinda like an I Dream of Genie episode gone very wrong. I especially thought she had lost it when she said that she liked to throw her feet off the floor – REALLY?

  • I really want Derek and Shannon to kiss, they are so cute and embarrassed.

  • How mean is it for them to actually judge those kids? Talk about heartbreaking.
  • Does anyone else think it is a little weird when the kids dance? They look like pageant kids on display.  They are eight years old! And I don’t like it that he is stradling her on National TV. Very strange.
  • Poor Julianne being stuck with that weirdo, he is annoying and the only reason that they are still in the competition is because everyone doesn’t want Julianne to go home. Really? A unicycle is the best you could do?

  • Yeah, that is about right that they sent him home.
  • Has anyone else noticed that Cheryl does the exact same celebratory move every time her and her partner are told they are moving on? Fists go over her head, arms straight, with a brisk twirl to bury her head in her partner’s neck. Really, I love you girl, but can you be that elated every single time your name is announced?
  • How much spray tan can Karina wear? It kinda hurts my eyes to look at her tonight.

  • The Paso Doble is my favorite dance, but I feel this year’s competition didn’t do it justice.

This is what a Paso Doble should look like:

In honor of Julianne, we know you got it. I so miss these two together, so cute!
Sidenote: This dance officially elevated my love for Apolo. An athlete and a dancer. Um yeah. That’s Hot.

Who is your favorite and who do you think is going to win it all?



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  1. i just can’t get into these shows, i don’t know what it is! I was JUST talking to my friend Sara about dancing with the stars…i’ve never actually sat down and watched a full episode tho….should i? 😀

  2. i loved the first two seasons of DWTS. and now, i just can’t get into it! no one will ever be as good as drew and cheryl. =) save a horse, ride a cowboy! seriously, THE BEST!

  3. I don’t watch this show so I can’t make a prediction. But I love looking at the photos just because of the crazy makeup!

  4. I’ve never actually watched this- mostly so I don’t become addicted. But I love So You Think You Can Dance.

  5. Adam grew on me!..Karina is gee-ross all around..Priscilla is frightening, but she can dance pretty well…Cheryl DOES do the same damn thing, but I still love her!..I do not want any Derek-Shannon kissing, they gross me out man…hes like 10 inches shorter than her!

    Did you watch Idols? How can you not love my little Archuleta??

  6. I don’t know what it is, but I cannot get into this show! Every other show is fine, but not this one for some reason. 😦 It isn’t a bad show or anything, and I actually love the dances they perform…but I can’t make it a regular. Hmm, maybe that will change. Now show me an episode of Rock of Love, and I’m in!! Lol!! Gosh that sounds bad!

  7. Eeep!! I am SO behind on watching!! I keep reading about the show to get updates, but I still feel soooo lost.

    So thanks for this 🙂

  8. I haven’t really ever watched this show, just randomly when I caught it on TV. But I think Marlee Matlin is so good this season (granted I’ve only seen her dance once) and Priscilla really does creep me out, like a lot.

  9. Ok so I am a HUGE DWTS fan.. Last year I wanted Jennie and Derek to win… I voted sooo many times.. LOL – i know I’m a dork…

    I did watch last night, though I think Adam was a bad dancer, he had potential because Julianne is an awesome teacher… I mean I don’t think he could have won, but he is better to look at(and soo funny) then Priscilla….

    I’m not sure who I want to win yet.. I like Jason Taylor, I like Shannon, I like Christian or however you spell it… I like Kristi, I DON”T KNOW!! As ke me again in a week…

    PS- Shannon and Derek are SO GETTING IT ON.. Look at them…. why do you think all the starts were cheering them on, lol!!!!

  10. What is Priscilla Presley doing on that show anyhow?

  11. Jimaie- I def think you should! Just one episode and see if ya like it.

    Chickbug- I know! I couldn’t find that video- it is one of my favorites, they did it on Oprah not too long ago!

    Jess- the costumes are UNREAL and the makeup must take them days to scrape off!

    Britni- I do have friends that love that, and I don’t need another addiction either, it is just hard not to watch!

    Rosy- yeah, I flipped, Brooke is still my girl, even though she didn’t do so well.

    Meagan- I am sure you don’t have time to watch TV with your kiddos!

    BRR- your welcome!

    Katelin- Marley is AMAZING- the fact that she is so good is phenomenal!

    Dana- Ditto girl! I think you are right. Did you see her kiss him bye when they took him to the hospital? AWW!

    Emma- seriously, my thoughts exactly!

  12. I LOVE this show, which means I have a lot to say…hopefully I won’t go overboard. First of all, my favorite is Kristi Yamaguchi and my money is on her to win it all. But Shannon Elizabeth is a close second (I totally thought they actually WERE going to kiss Mon. night). I’ll stop at that because if I don’t I’ll be analyzing EVERYBODY on the show.

  13. One more thing (I couldn’t help myself) Karina creeps the heck out of me! The spray tan is just one facet of the creepiness.

  14. Priscilla scares me, Julianne is too cute to be with him but I guess they had to even it out. She and Cheryl should have a dance-off! Karina’s new nose is all I can look at and I hate Shannen Elizabeth. She’s corrupting little Derek!

  15. I think Priscilla has something wrong with her face. I really wish she didn’t do whatever she did to her face. It would have been nice to see her age gracefully.

  16. Meg- me and my friends are defenitely totally creeped out by Karina too!

    Danielle -is this my Danielleyy Boo boo????

    1218- Priscilla does have something wrong with her face! Wrinkles are not the end of the world Priscilla, she needs to just let it be! So true gril so true!

  17. Adam Carolla was the funniest thing to happen to that show since Marie Osmond fainted last season. I agree about Priscilla. I thought it was hilarious when Carrie Ann told her she loved her facial expressions. What facial expressions?? Her face doesn’t move!!

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