Blog Carnival Info Continued

April 7, 2008 at 4:28 pm | Posted in 20 Something Bloggers, Blogosphere | 4 Comments

Our fearless leader Lisa came up with some great examples of post ideas for the theme “Tests.” She must have been getting as many inquiries as I have. Not to worry, we are both self-admittedly “question-lovers”!

We are just stoked you guys are so interested!

Here are just a few examples. Remember guys, think outside the box, be creative, and have fun! Or don’t have fun if it is a serious post, oh, you know what I mean!

Test ideas!
– pushing your limitations (testing yourself!)
– drivers’ licenses
– feeling tested in your convictions
– testing new waters
– testing a friend
– quiz shows
– you name it!

I loved Danielle’s idea of pregnancy/ovulation tests, this could also include medical tests of any kind.

Such good thinkers you all are!



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  1. Does a post about wanting to be on Jeopardy count? Jeopardy’s kind of like a test…

  2. I think it counts! It’s a game show!

  3. How about DUI/DWI sobriety tests!!

  4. Haha Dana, thats awesome. What about tests that should exist but don’t? Like the test you have to pass before you’re allowed to bring children into the world, or before you’re allowed to get married.

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