Dogs Rule.

April 5, 2008 at 11:11 am | Posted in In the News, Issues, TV | 23 Comments
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I may be an aunt. My friend may be adopting a cutie patootie little guy who was resucued from a high-kill shelter. The details are still being worked out, but here he is:

She has some excellent names already picked out. Everyone send my friend good positive thoughts so that all will work out soon. He needs a good home and he has many sisters according to his profile.

Which brings me to the subject at hand.

Did anyone else watch Oprah yesterday? I didn’t and I will tell you why. Those images from the previews alone are already haunting me and I am physically and psychologically unable to view the things that go on in puppy mills. Dana wrote an excellent review of the episode. Go read it here. Then go and read the account of Lisa Ling’s investigation on Oprah here. Everyone of you should go now and read the statistics and the information on the puppy mills. It is absolutely appalling. There is absolutely no reason for someone to support a breeder’s business when there are hundreds of thousands of animals being put down in shelters all across the country because they are not able to place them in good homes.

It is reprehensible to know that the value of a life is so poor in our country. I have heard all of the excuses and I rarely agree with the reasons why people do not just adopt an animal who needs a home.

Another blogger friend of mine led me to a great post about animal testing and the companies that use dogs and other animals to learn the the effects of their chemicals. She learned that the companies clip open the eyes of the dogs and restrain their paws to keep them from fighting and moving. It is horrendous. Go see her complete list of companies that do animal testing here.

If you feel strongly enough about it, write the companies and refuse to buy their products. I am already revamping some of my products in my house. Just another reason to buy all Method products who NEVER test on any animals!

And because dogs rule so much here are my babies. I couldn’t do a complete dog post without showing off my children!



I hope you all are having a great weekend. Now go read the links. Go. Really Go. I can tell if you click on the links or not and I will be highly disapointted with you all as human beings if you choose not to educate yourselves on the treatment of animals.

Can you tell I am a tad sensitive about this subject?

Dogs Rule.

Ed. Note: Since WordPress has decided to re-vamp their entire dashboard, I am unable at this time to find the spell checking tool, so bear with me as I am unedited!



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  1. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! So cute! Dogs do rule, man!

  2. I couldn’t watch Oprah yesterday! It would have been too upsetting! As an animal lover it is appalling the treatment that animals receive! If I could, I would have an entire house full of animals!

  3. I knew that if I tried to watch Oprah yesterday I’d start bawling like a baby but I attempted to anyway and only could sit through about two minutes of it. I don’t need to know the exact details to know they’re horrible.

  4. Yeah, my other half banned me from television while that was on because I would have adopted 47 new dogs. I can’t cope with sad/unhealthy dogs.

  5. Mr. Darcy is so Cute!!! I couldnt go see him today cause i had to pack up the Hatit stuff..but keep sending good thoughts! He is so cute i can’t stand it!!

  6. what cute pups!!!! i want another one and i would sooo rescue from a shelter next time!!

  7. I love dogs! 😀

  8. I’m the same way- I couldn’t bear to watch Oprah! I adopted my dog from a shelter many years back and I still say that’s the best way to do it.
    Yours are ADORABLE 🙂

  9. i didn’t watch it. i’m kind of glad i didn’t because man…my pup has major anxiety issues because of her past life before we got her.

    your pups are darling 🙂 and my pup is named ellie too!!! 😀

  10. OMG I watched Oprah yesterday and was bawling a good portion of the time. AND I LOVE Method products! 🙂

  11. I completely agree with you! I don’t understand people who say they’re dog lovers, but buy from breeders when they fully know that they could save a dog. So sad.

  12. Gooseberried – Yes they DO!

    Auburn Kat – I WOULD too!

    Felicia- I only made it about two minutes too. It was too much and we obviously know our limitations.

    Ben _ I read your post on the show too, did your doggie brothers find a home?

    Amz- Mr. Darcy -so sorry.

    Dana- do it girl, shelter dogs are the best and it helps change the world one dog at a time.

    Meagan- we all do!

    Sandy Mc- Lily and Ellie are sending you kisses

    Heidi- my Ellie is the same way, she couldn’t tolerate any men but Hubby for the longest time. I can’t even think about what they have been through.

    Glam Girl- Yeah for Methods, and you are stronger than me that is for sure!

    Meg- exactly, no method to that madness! It is heartbreaking!

  13. I heard about Oprah’s show but could not watch it. It would’ve upset me too bad. Your fur babies are adorable. I have two chihuahua fur babies. I enjoyed looking around your site.

  14. I can’t! I can’t watch that Oprah thing. I can’t even watch that ASCPA commerical without getting all upset and teary. I can not deal with the cruelty to animals. I wish I had the space, and money to give all those loving pets a home.

  15. By the way your babies are too, too, too cute!

  16. It breaks my heart Tipp. I love animals and believe that dogs especially are better than some humans I know. I can’t wait to get a bigger place so I can get as many that would fit in my yard.

    Your babies are super cute and I heart their cute little faces!

  17. I want to get a dog so bad but don’t think it’s fair at all to leave it in an apartment all day while I’m working full-time. Two years…

  18. Your baby’s are super cute!

  19. My newest baby, Edie is from a breeder. I love her just as much. I got her during a rough time and she brings so much joy to my family, I have no regrets even though she is from a breeder.

    My pup before her is a dog I rescued. He has marks on his neck where he has no fur because his previous owner kept a rope around his neck. He has issues still and he’s been home with me about 3 years.

  20. Your dogs are adorable!!

  21. I love, love, love dogs and cannot wait to get one of my own. Yours are especially cute! I hope your friend’s adoption works out, too.

    I didn’t watch Oprah because it ALWAYS MAKES ME CRY. And then after I cry, I stress out about what I can do to help out.

    I’ve checked out the Web site about animal testing and am going to be switching the brands I use accordingly. Thanks for the info!

  22. Gina- thanks for coming by!

    1218- Ditto girl, I would have so many dogs if I had an endless reserve of money and space!

    SleepyJane- I heart their faces too, but I know I am baised!

    Britni- I am so glad you are willing to provide an animal a good home.

    Danielle- Aww, I think so too, thanks!

    Jamie- your Edie is SUPERCUTE! Your poor other doggie, what is his name?

    Lauren- Thanks for coming by!

    EP- girl I was SHOCKED at the companies that were on that list!

    I have no idea how to even begin ridding it all from my home, but Hubby is so POed about it he will kill me if I bring home Arm & Hammer baking soda ever again! Lil is a 1/2 beagle so we are particuarly disturbed that they use beagles most often! People ARE HORRIBLE!

  23. Thanks for posting about this. I watched the show for work, and it was heartbreaking, even though I’m well aware of the puppy mill issue. I have three rescued cats right now, and I could never get an animal any other way.

    I’ve been buying only cruelty-free products for several years. It’s so easy now with great companies like Method–I filled my basket at Target with Method stuff just the other day. There’s a great list of companies that don’t test on animals at Check it out! There are so many ways we can all make our lives a little more animal friendly without going out of our way. It’s good to hear that so many people are taking those steps.

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