The First Book Club Casualty

April 1, 2008 at 6:46 pm | Posted in Books, Friends | 16 Comments

Last night we had another installment of The Best Idea. Ever. Book Club.

We read The History of Love by Nicole Krauss and I think the consensus pretty much was that we all didn’t understand the book. Really, it was pretty much that simple. Well, one of us got it, but she was new, and I don’t think we really got her, if you know what I mean.

We were all discussing how we were trying to figure out the ending when she jabs in and says, “I totally got that” with accusatory eyes. She could not however, tell us what she “got” nor could she enlighten us lowly peons or help us understand.


Perhaps I was too quick to brag on my Perfect Book Club. Seems as though last night God sent us the epitome of everything we may not have wanted.

She showed at least, but she came saying, “I read it years ago, I didn’t want to re-read it, and I didn’t bring the book.”

Well, nice to meet you. Now leave.

She was already on a bad note with us because she got snippy with one of our members via email telling her she did not want to read her next pick for the month of April.

Hello? We sent you the rule list. It says you agree to read what other people pick. When you get a chance to pick, you can pick what you want. It is about expanding your literary choices. And you are brand new. How about giving it a few months before you start getting demanding.

Maybe we should get people to sign a contract. Something to consider. Ok, maybe a scoche far.

Seriously, people, why would you come to a book club, unprepared, unread, and only contributing to the conversation with smart remarks about how you understood everything when us lowly neanderthals obviously “just didn’t get it.”

She conveniently took a phone call the moment we ended the discussion and left a very few moments later.

Very Charlotte and the “something bad happened” emergency phone call a la Sex and the City. It did not hurt our feelings.

“She won’t be back,” said Mrs. Lilac.

We can only hope.



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  1. I’m with you on the 5 bad Habits….

    I always stay in bed until the last possible second… My BF usually has to pull the covers off of me and drag me out of bed!!!

    Love the post!

  2. Sorry, I meant to post on your “5 Things”.. 😦

  3. Why did she even join if she was going to be a witch about everything??

  4. She probably figured she was going to impress everyone there with her literary prowess, and when that didn’t happen, she let her bitch flag fly. 🙂

    I’m betting she won’t be back.

  5. What a B&%ch! My friends and I had a book club but we mostly talked about things like crockpot recipes (and more private topics) and ate snacks. We only discussed the book for like ten minutes. We haven’t had a meeting since my daughter was born. Thanks for reminding me!

  6. I don’t blame you for not wanting her back!
    I’m so jealous of your book club. I’m obsessed with reading, and it’s hard to find people that are the same. I always think about starting one up through school- since we have every other club under the sun- but I’d rather not because most people would only join for college credit. Ah! Difficult.

  7. I wonder why she felt the need to be like that? Or does it just come naturally to her? I hope she doesn’t come back either. There is too much negative in life and no need for more.

    Gah! I wish I had a book club too. *le sigh*

  8. Why did she join? That’s so crazy! You would think if she was going to be like that that she wouldn’t waste her time. I would love a Book Club too!

  9. Maybe she read the post about Your Perfect Book Club and just wanted to come and ruin it for fun. Sorry it went so badly.

  10. Maybe she was hoping to find a bunch of other pretentious people like her? I can’t think of any other reason…

  11. Yuck for the crappy addition to your book club. Hopefully it is better next time!

  12. Too funny! I actually read The History of Love and kind of loved it. But I’m a freak like that. Don’t ask me about it though because once I read a book and move on to the next I can’t remember the last thing I read, I just remember if I hated it or loved it.

    I am in a book club too but it kind of disbanned when all my friends starting having babies. But we used to drink and talk about the book for like 5 minutes then read gossip mags for the next few hours. But once we had a new girl who was all serious about the book and we were like “Uh wrong book club!”

  13. At least you weren’t the only person who didn’t really get the book. I would definitely feel better knowing that much, haha. As for the snarky woman, it makes no sense why she would join in the first place. Weird.

  14. Dana- No problem, I am sure you have your hands full!

    Felicis- my thoughts exactly!

    Nancy- Right on! (and Welcome!)

    Danielle- It really is great girlfriend time. We make a point to do it and get together, it keeps us sane!

    Sandy- I am hoping to join Chickbug’s online chat, wanna join in?

    Jane- seriously, I am thinking of tattooing the drama sign xed out somewhere on my body, perhaps my forehead. Would that keep the negative Nellies away?

    AYWTC: Seriously, lets all do chickbug’s next book chat!!!!!

    Britni- apparently I spoke too soon, Sigh, why do I do that? It always come back to bite me where it hurts.

    Jess- we are SO NOT pretentious, wrong group! I heart you for using pretentious and in a comment, double points!

    Tara- I think she has been voted out and therefore will be left off of the email list for the meeting time next month. We really are not witches. Just wanting NO DRAMA.

    1218- Seriously, you too, chickbug, do it! Ditto girl.

    Katelin- I was feeling very uneducated and unintelligent and just plain dumb until my literary genius friend said she was so lost too. Made me feel good to know I was in good company!

  15. I wish I could join your book club and replace crazy, snobby, I’m smarter than everyone girl – it sounds like a lot of fun!

  16. […] came and we had to basically kick “that girl” out of our book club and I spent my last day at my job. I had to have a friend console me in […]

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