Five Things

April 1, 2008 at 6:21 pm | Posted in 20 Something Bloggers, Blogosphere, Just for fun | 12 Comments

Five Things Meme:

I was tagged by Jimaie Marie, go say Hello to her!

What I was doing ten years ago:

  1. 1. Stressing about our Junior Class pulling off a great Prom!
  2. 2. Stressing about finding a great prom dress – it was purple and gorgeous!
  3. 3. Working at a salon and laying in the tanning bed way too much!
  4. 4. Cheering on the Varsity Cheer Squad
  5. 5. Preparing to apply to college

Five things on my To-do list today:

  1. 1. Take down a mean woman who is trying to talk smack about me and I so found out!
  2. 2. Get my hair cut!
  3. 3. Apparently, get cut-off by two separate drivers, in the rain!
  4. 4. Continue my perfect part-time job exploration
  5. 5. Love on all of my kiddos who I will miss so much!

Snacks I enjoy:

  1. 1. Chocolate yogurt
  2. 2. Hummus and pita bread
  3. 3. Yogurt covered raisins
  4. 4. Sour worms
  5. 5. Boiled peanuts and coke (this really should be my number 1!)

Things I would do if I was a millionaire:

  1. 1. Quit all of my jobs and volunteer
  2. 2. Travel to Ireland, Europe, California, Mexico, and Africa
  3. 3. Give A LOT of money away to charity
  4. 4. Adopt many children and many, many dogs
  5. 5. Buy a MacBook a Big Ipod and an IPhone.

 Five Bad Habits:

  1. 1. Worrying about things I can’t change or control
  2. 2. Yelling at Hubby when it is not his fault
  3. 3. Grinding my teeth
  4. 4. Staying in bed until the last possible moment
  5. 5. Throwing my wet towels on the floor

Five places I have lived:

  1. 1. Ashland City, TN
  2. 2. Pocahontas, AR (really, I am not kidding!)
  3. 3. Chipley, FL
  4. 4. Where I live now.
  5. 5. I have not lived anywhere else.

Five Jobs I have Had:

  1. 1. Receptionist at a hair salon
  2. 2. Gift shop assistant
  3. 3. Nanny
  4. 4. Teacher to children who are deaf/hearing impaired
  5. 5. Therapist

I tag Mrs. Lilac, Tara, Underpaid Princess, 1218, Katelin,



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  1. #1 on your To Do List is hilarious! Take her down! LOL! Thanks for the tag, I’m right on it.

  2. Now I want some hummus!

  3. Staying in bed until the last possible moment…that is so ME!

    Found you through Jimaie’s blog! 🙂

  4. I lay in bed until the last possible minute too. I don’t even get any sleep because I’m trying to figure out how much longer I can lay in bed before I’ll be really late. Thanks for the tag, I’ll be posting mine soon!

  5. 1218- Oh I am. Tomorrow, don’t you worry!

    Auburn Kat- I always want Hummus!

    McMommy- welcome your blog is so cute!

    Tara- I do that too! I am like Ok, I have 10 minutes to get up if I want to eat, but if I skip it I can sleep 20, usually the no breakfast wins out!

  6. Haha I’m the same way while in bed. I did it just this morning. I had to choose between waking up and showering and getting ready or sleeping in. I slept in and went to class with dirty hair. I stand by my decision 🙂

  7. Oh Junior Prom. It make me laugh to think about how stressful it was at the time.

  8. Hummus = YUM! I eat in with everything and on everything. I love to make veggie sammies with hummus spread. I am so hungry just thinking about it. Do you like Bab Ganoui?

  9. I love pita bread and hummus. Mmmm!

  10. Sandy Mc- I have done the same thing, no shame!

    Maxie- really it was such a huge deal. So lame.

    Danielle- I haven’t had that! enlighten me! I love new things!

    Larissa- It IS the best!

  11. 1. Take down a mean woman who is trying to talk smack about me and I so found out!

    So, how’d it go?

    I’m so stealing this. The meme, of course, I don’t have anyone to take down today – yet.

  12. Isn’t it funny looking back 10 years and realizing what life was like then as compared to now? It’s crazy to me.

    Also, what happened with taking down the mean woman?

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