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March 28, 2008 at 10:40 am | Posted in Fun Times, Just for fun, Movies, Music | 19 Comments
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It’s FRIDAY! In preparation of a fabulous weekend I wanted to give you a few things to smile about before we all head off to get on with our lives.

This weekend the countdown is officially over, what countdown you say?


In T-minus 36 hours me and a few of my best lovlies will be enjoying a great show!

I have been singing along to my Ipod in preparation in for it all week. Isn’t it amazing how you sound so incredible with the music turned up so loud?

In honor of a great show and Just For Fun Friday, here is one of my favorite songs from RENT. Actually it is probably my 3rd or 4th favorite, but I would like to keep it PG!

If you do not feel something when you watch this you need to check your pulse.

Apparently there are a ton of other Rentheads out there.

Also, a little fun movie fact for you: The guy with the dark curly hair sitting by Joanne is an original Newsie!

Your favorite RENT song? Do it!

Have a great weekend everyone!



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  1. Ummm every Rent song is my favorite song!!! YES!! Tomorrow, Tomorrow, Rent is Tomorrow!

  2. I don’t know a whole lot of the Rent soundtrack (sad huh), but I love Seasons of Love and the answering machine songs. They’re great.

  3. That scene in the movie always gives me chills!

    And, I love all the songs! 🙂

  4. I hope you enjoy the SHOW!! It’s a GREAT one!! Have an awesome weekend 🙂

  5. Hi Tipp, I was bloghopping and suddenly your name cought my eye. If you have/had a hubby in the marines with the name Michael Mac than I am already praying every day since march 27, 2002 for you (presidential prayers)! Hope he is safe.

  6. My favorite would definitely be La Vie Boheme with Seasons of Love a close second. I also love to listen to Out Tonight before a girls night out…I could go on forever.

    I saw Rent when it was here in Seattle and you’re going to love it!!

  7. We love Rent around here – maybe DH and I will watch it tonight – we saw it as part of a tour when it came to Philadelphia and it was great! I think the coolest thing about Rent is that so many of the original Broadway cast were in the big-screen production…so here’s my next thought…now that Chickezie is no longer on AI (*tear*) don’t you think he would make a great Tom Collins on Rent?? Just a thought! 😉

  8. I think “La Vie Boheme” or “I’ll Cover You” are my favors, though it is a hard call.

    Enjoy yourself.

  9. Oooh I love Rent, have fun!

  10. I can’t pick just one! I love La Vie Boheme and I’ll Cover You, but recently Seasons of Love came onto the radio in my car, and I started bawling. Good thing I was driving alone…

    Have a fantastic time at the show!

  11. I really need to see Rent on broadway before it closes in September. And I know it’s cliche, but Seasons of Love is amazing.

  12. “Every single da-ay, I walk down the street, I hear people say baaaa-aaaby you’re so sweet! Ever since puberty, everybody STARES at me! Boys girls, I can’t help it baaaaa-aaaby!”

    Love that song!

    My sister and I duet it on karaoke nights. Which we acknowledge as being slightly strange.

    Either that on or Out Tonight. Or Light My Candle.

  13. Enjoy the show! Rent is probably one of the few Broadway shows I haven’t seen. I need to do that! I do love the movie though!

  14. oh man i love rent, and this song makes me tear up every time. love jesse martin. and the newsies guy, oh yes, love him as well. have fun!

    happy friday!

  15. I’m SO excited that you’re getting to see it! My mom and I went during Christmas break, and it was really fun!

    I love that song, but I’d have to say my fave is “Goodbye Love” OR “Take Me or Leave Me.” Because I think the second one would be SO MUCH FUN to sing karaeoke.

    Have fun!

  16. thanks for dropping by! i like your blog, and i love love LOVE Rent. Seen it 3 times, know all the songs by heart… oh, i could go on.

    have a fabulous time 🙂

  17. I’m all about La Vie Boheme!

  18. Amz- it is here!

    Britni- get the soundtrack now! You will not be disapointed!

    Erin- def good chills, it is heartbreaking!

    Dana- I just saw it on Broadway in Decemeber so I am anxious to see the National tour too!

    Monika- that is not me, but thanks for coming by!

    Meg- I do the same thing before a night out with my girlfriends, it is also my ringtone for two of my girls!

    Teri- he would make a great Tom Collins, you should do his management! haha!

    Cooper- good ones. I plan on it!

    Felicia and Megan- I WILL! SO excited!

    Dutchess -ditto girl!

    Wickedly Scarlett- I heart you SO much for that! Just picturing you are your sis doing that makes me smile!

    1218- girl plan it now! It is closing in September (gasps ensue)!

  19. Katelin- seriously, whoever casted “Moosh” in Rent was a genius!

    EP- Goodbye Love is defenitely in my top seven too! So haunting!

    Robin- thanks for coming by! From one Renthead to another we could do duets!

    Maxie – One of my ultimate favs too!

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