Two Months Five Days

March 25, 2008 at 5:05 pm | Posted in Friends, Fun Times, Movies | 25 Comments

Until . . . .  

Oh, you want to watch this, I am sure.

Finally, we learn Big’s full name. 

I am obviously a Charlotte.  Who are you?



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  1. Yay! I cannot wait and need to re-watch the episodes so I’ll be ready!

  2. I am totally a Carrie, always looking for the happy ending, optimism mixed with a good variety of cynicism.

  3. I think I am Miranda I think.

  4. sorry about the double think in the last post.

  5. Oh you have NO idea how excited I am for this!!! And to top it all off it’s released on my birthday day! Can we say my friends and I are going to dress fabulous and get cosmos and go see this, I think we can 🙂

    As hard as it is to be, I am such a combo of Samantha, Miranda, and Carrie, but definitely no Charlotte in there. You could say I’m Carrie mainly, with the cynicism of Miranda, and the balls of Samantha 🙂

  6. isn’t big’s name john or something like that? i was never an uber fan but i remember that being huge in the finale. haha.

    i think i’m a carrie and samantha rolled together with a dash of charlotte 🙂

  7. I am totally a Charlotte. I wish I were more like Carrie.. and in a lot of ways I think I am, but I’m definately one of those Upper East End Charlotte types.

    annnnnd if you watch the very last episode of the regular season, his name is John. (i think) don’t quote me… but he calls her cell phone and it shows his name. sorry to burst your bubble!

  8. If thats my are so NOT a miranda…

    also we already know Big’s was on the Finale…

    I’m Monica..oh wait wrong show…hahahha…

  9. Guys watch the REAL preview not the one that has been floating around. It gives his FULL name, John James Preston, we all know he was John, but now we get his full name.

    Amz, that is not our D, she is so not a Miranda.

  10. soooooooooo excited.

  11. I cannot WAIT to see this! I’m definitely a Charlotte, with Carrie tendencies…

  12. I ummm….never actually watched Sex and the City. I know. The shame!

  13. I don’t know either…I don’t watch much Sex and the City, but I did take a quiz one time on which one I was, and it said Charlotte.

  14. Chickbug – so with a capital S

    Megan – if we are talking tendencies then I am the same.

    Jane & AYWTC??????!!!- Wow, Take a rainy day, nothing to do, Season 1 Episode 1 (make sure you have the whole season because you will want to keep going) Go! Report back!

  15. I’m sure I’ll be seeing that, but I never really watched the show other than when they started reruns on TBS.

  16. SO TOTALLY a Charlotte.

    I’ve had people TELL me I’m a Charlotte.

  17. i am so excited!

    and i am charlotte and carrie. charlotte, the hopeful. and the girl who knits in public. and carrie, the cynic, the artist.

    ahhhh. i love s&tc. 🙂

  18. I think I might be a bit Miranda-ish. I’m fairly cynical and sarcastic, I favor red hair, and I’m totally Team Steve.

  19. I don’t watch Sex in the City, but based on people’s comments, I am sure I would be a Carrie. 😀

  20. I am carrie. So excited you post this! I so linked you!

  21. I’m definitely a Charlotte

  22. I’m a huge SATC fan…..

    Thanks for commenting on my blog “Just Talk”… I think you do look like Reese Witherspoon!!!

    Come back and Visit Soon…

  23. Ahh! I’m so excited for this. I’ve seen every episode of every season (like everybody else, I’m sure). I’d say I’m a mix of Carrie and Charlotte- with a little bit of Samantha mixed in 😉

  24. Emma, I did not watch them until the series ended and I could rent them all and I highly recommend it that way!

    Ashley- you must be as predictable as I am!

    Kristin- I love to knit too and I don’t care who knows it!

    Heather- I was with you on Team Steve, but it looks as though he will disapoint. Sigh.

    Meagan- I think you would be a Carrie too with a little Charlotte- get it now! You will love it!

    Jess- I had to there, was no question! It is monumental.

    DMB- ( Not Dave Matthew Band) Haha I think I will always think of that!

    Dana- I will be back, I love your and Danielle’s blogs!

    Sandy Mc- I would like to have a little more of Samantha in me!


    and I think i’m Miranda.

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