Top Ten Favorite Google Searches

March 25, 2008 at 9:36 am | Posted in Advice, Blogosphere, Tech Gal, Thoughts | 13 Comments

To those of you who found me via random Google searches, this is for you.

10. Army Girlfriend- I am no longer one of these, nor am I an Army wife. I am not strong enough for such a role.

9. Her First Stockings – I have no idea how you got here, you must be very desperate on a search for something. But then again, if you googled ‘her first stockings’ you obviously have way too much time on your hands. Might I suggest you go volunteer somewhere?

8. Real Ways Get Husbands Come Home – I am sad for you if you need to google a way to help you get your husband to come home. Might I suggest a good counselor?

7. Celtic Women Fiddle- please, no more email about how great The Fiddle Girl from Celtic Women is, I simply said she was ahemm, sassy.

6. All the children walking home past the factories . . . – If you like Gabe we should talk. He rocks.

5. Katie Herzig and the one who played oh tike – I have no idea what you were looking for with that one, she has no song that resembles that line, but see number 6.

4. Slutty Little Sister – wow, go away, NOW!

3. Little Girls in Bra- No, REALLY, Go Away. Don’t come back. Ever!

2. When do Brittany’s Puppies Start Teething- I don’t know and I don’t care and I have no idea why you would either. You are sad and I am now not only afraid for her children, but her dogs as well. See Number 2 & 3.

And my favorite Google Search Is:

The one where you ask for me by name.

1. (Tipp)ical Thoughts – so glad you found me, now might I suggest Bookmarking people? Or subscribing in a reader? It really would save you SO much time!



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  1. Dude, you have no idea, my top ten searches are variations on my name and on my blog’s name.

  2. How funny! It’s ridiculous, huh?!

  3. So many people google my blog name–and the URL! Okay, if you know the URL, you don’t have to enter it into a search engine, folks! Funny 😉

  4. Very fun post!

  5. Haha. That makes me smile. Most people who search for mine have done some variation of stylish handwriting, but some have been WEIRD. (:

  6. Hi! So sorry it has taken me a while to respond to your question on my blog. I have been sick for a few days. I use a Canon 40D for my camera, then have 3 lenses Canon 2.8L 24 – 70, Canon 1.4 50mm, Canon 2.8L 70-200. Let me know if you have any other questions! Thanks for the compliment! Connie

  7. Ha! That’s so funny.
    In reference to the puppy one, I’m assuming by Brittany they meant the type of dog- isn’t it like a brittany spaniel or something? I know dogs; I am weird.
    I get a lot of people searching for me by name, too. Just favorite it or something.. (can you tell I haven’t figured out the Google Reader yet?)

  8. So funny – seeing the weird searches that lead people to your site might be my favorite part of blogging. My top google searches have been sexylick and how to train my boyfriend like a dog…both a bit worrisome.

  9. very funny! how do you figure that out?

  10. I loved this! It’s too funny. It’s really weird to see how people end up finding us! Today I’ve had two searches for ‘two condoms’ weird. Yesterday someone actually found my blog by searching for yours by name, thanks for the publicity!

  11. Dutchess – wow, that is nuts!

    AYWTC- I love them too, they always make me laugh!

    Angela- seriously, what is wrong with people, too funny!

    CD- Thanks, I came by your blog.

    EP- I want examples!! 🙂

    Sandy Mc- Thank God you cleared that up! You must do Google reader, it will seriously change your life! So easy!

    Meg- hilarious! I need to read more intently to see why you are getting those crazy hits!

    Danielle- WordPress has a GREAT dashboard system of stats which give you all kinds of cool numbers. For blogger, not so sure. I am sure there is something you could use. Ladies, help a girl out?

    TTWAS- Welcome back from your alternative Spring Break! Go check out her work with kids with AIDS during her Spring Break. Such a good way to give back!

  12. Seeing the things people have searched to come across my site always amuses me. Yours are way funnier than mine though!

  13. Hee hee. For a while, I kept getting hits on my Myspace page from google searches for “get laid Columbia MO” and “nasty bitches Columbia MO.”

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