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Earlier today I read a post by Sandy Mc who wrote about how smells can trigger memories, be it good or bad, and I realized I had a sensory reminder today as well. Mine was through music. Isn’t it amazing how a song can trigger a certain time, a certain situation, a certain place. And at that moment you can remember exactly where you were, who you were with, and what you were doing.

Driving down the road this afternoon I heard a song I have not heard in at least ten years.  I could not tell you the name, who sings it, or even if that band is still around, but I knew every word and I could sing it at the top of my lungs, even today.

Automatically I was transported to my friend Carly’s truck driving down a dirt road going most likely, way too fast. Immediately, I remembered what it was like to be a teenager again. As awful as we thought it was, it was such a carefree time with no limitations, few responsibilites and the world at our feet. 

I picked up my phone and called Carly because well, it made me miss her and all the fun we used to have. Me and that girl have had our share of memories, some of the best of my life, and at that moment I wanted her to remember too because I knew she would.

Me: You remember this song?

Carly: I can’t hear it.

Me: (turns up radio way too loudly) Can you hear it now?

Carly: No

Pretty much the whole conversation transpires like this so I end up singing her the song. (Poor Carly) She can’t tell me the name, but at that moment she says, “Oh yeah, I remember that” and for that moment I think we both wanted to be 16 again.

For that moment we could recall a time free of adult responsibilities, free of worries and free of stresses. ( I know I had stress way back when, I was by no means a slacker, but the stress now is just, well, different.)

And it was awesome.


That got me to thinking about certain songs that make me think of those I love and here are a few:

  • Crazy by Patsy Cline – My Momo. Some of my most fond memories are of her singing anything by Patsy Cline
  • In the Garden – Mama Hundley. I had to sing this at her funeral
  • We’ve Only Just Begun by The Carpenters – My Mom. She loves The Carpenters and has instilled a love for them in me.
  • 500 Miles – Carly D. This will always be our song. Silly I know.
  • Margaritaville – my HS friend Greg. We sang this at the top of our lungs driving home from the Senior Party.
  • Any 50’s girls group song – Mrs. Peanut. We had some good times driving home from college.
  • Any Aerosmith – always Jen Bran. 5th row center from Joe Perry and Stephen Tyler sweating on us. Good times.
  • Amz and D – any song from Rent, of course.
  • Hubby – I Will Be Here by Steven Curtis Chapman.  The song he sang to me the night he proposed and the night we said good-bye before his deployment.

The power of music is so strong. It can send you back to the good, the bad, and the ugly in our cache of memories. These are my good.

What takes you back?



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  1. Glad I can inspire 🙂

    Natasha Beddingfield reminds me of my ex boyfriend, and all the times we would drive and I would blast her music.
    Aerosmith reminds me of R- just like you I got sweated on by the boys in great seats. Thanks to R for that one, he wasn’t even a fan until he went!
    Smashing Pumpkins/Red Hot Chili Peppers reminds me of an old best friend, who used to drive around with me listening to it.
    And any rap reminds me of my old group of best girl friends.
    Mannn that really did take me back. All these memories today!

  2. Man there are so many song that take me back. I’m so glad I made mix CDs for every year of college because each one pretty much sums up the year. I love the power of music 🙂

  3. My wife and I have been married for nearly 22 years and for a recent anniversary I compiled several CDs and we had our own little dance at home.

    The CDs contained music from our dating and first
    few years of married life!

    Music by Chicago, Foreigner, Kool and The Gang and
    many others remind us of our wonderful early years…and they just keep getting better!

    Great article. I really enjoyed it!

  4. Ohhh too many! The smell of freshly baked cookies remind me of my gran. 🙂

    This was a great post.

  5. I actually have been writing for a website that does just this. It asks people to submit their memories with specific songs. I love it!

  6. This is a GREAT post! There are tons of songs that take me back and I have called friends to let them hear the song so we can giggle or groan. :o)

  7. I love this post! I may have to make one of my own on my blog (so you might see some of these as repeats over there)
    Ok, here are the songs for me…

    Everything I Do, I Do it For You (Bryan Adams) – this was the first song I ever slow-danced to with my “boyfriend” (we went out for 1 month & he broke up w/ me on our 1-mo anniversary) at the 7th grade Spring Dance.

    Loser (Beck), Brown Eyed Girl (Van Morrison), and many more – they make me think of high school post-football game dances…some of the best memories

    What a Feeling (Irene Cara) – makes me think of high school show choir when I danced with one of my best guy friends…and then we did a repeat performance at the prom & had a whole crowd gathered around us cheering…

    Ok – now you are totally making me wish I were a teenager…I would take those days back in a heartbeat compared with our crappy situation these days (of course, then I wouldn’t have hubby, so maybe I wouldn’t trade)

  8. I love how music can take you back to a different time in your life. I’m finding it does this to me constantly.

    One of the more recent songs that did this was “Black Water.” Whenever I hear “Once Upon a Dream,” I think about the boy because he sang it to me as we danced in my kitchen.

  9. Wow! We were all nineties kids weren’t we?

    Love all of them!

  10. Great Post! I’ve had many experiences recently that “took me back.” Songs are the easiest way to go back I think, a couple of smells: like cologne or strongly scented foods, and just today someone asked at lunch if we ever had a fried pickle, and there was only one time I ever heard of that before then, so it brought me back to the time I heard about it and tried it, what a random moment that was… and now that I read your blog I’m trying to think of all the songs that bring me back! What happy moments… 🙂

  11. I have loved hearing about all of your memories! From HS dances to first loves and bad Xs, we all have a song to relate to. I have enjoyed reading all of your blogs and your memories posts too!

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