Way to Go Lindsay Or The One With the Slutty Teeny Boppers

March 16, 2008 at 6:37 pm | Posted in Movies, Thoughts | 10 Comments
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Friday night following my announcement at work, I went to meet my two girls Amy and D to eat dinner and catch a movie. We ate at Wolfgang Puck’s and caught up over some yummy Spinach and Mushroom Pizza and New York Style Cheesecake (very sinful – bad Wolfgang, bad).

We headed over to the theatre to catch a movie. It was cute. Predictable. To the point. I tend to like them that way.

Following a pleasant evening we were headed for the door when we saw them.

Headed straight for us were two of the most provocatively dressed 10-12 years olds I have ever seen. They walked right through us mind you. We were three people wide, they were two wide. They were much smaller, but their attitudes and over stroked self-esteem parted us with one glance.

God help their teachers at school.

Their ego just about knocked us over. If that didn’t do it the haze of hair products and over-applied perfume was sure to do us in.

Teeny Boppers. Slutty Teeny Boopers. Or as a friend of mine once called them H.I.Ts.

Hoes In Training.

That might not have been correct though because they portrayed nothing in training. Everything about them shouted the, “been there, done that, bought the T-Shirt” mentality.

I shudder to think.

Seriously, ten to twelve year olds. OK, maybe the oldest was close to thirteen. That is a stretch.

As they sashayed through us and we got a close-up glimpse of the latest Fredrick’s of Hollywood line in lingerie, I failed at keeping my jaw off of the floor. I would have loved to have taken a picture to prove to you the audacity of their ahem, get-ups, but I would never have posted it for fear of being reported for possessing and posting sexually explicit pictures of children.

Get-ups. Now that is an appropriate word. There was a lot of things going up. Did you know that they make a Push-up Bra for a size 30A? I now do. The cleavage on these little teenies was like nothing I had ever seen. Somehow they managed the cleavage and got a teeny bit. In D’s words, it was more like, “let’s push my titties together and see what happens.” Just enough to get attention apparently.

Bad attention. Very bad attention.

“My Momma would have slapped me across the face if I attempted that,” said D.

Oh yeah, can you even imagine, the Preacher’s daughters looking like that?! Not good.

But these little girls did it.

As I watched them walk away all I could think was, “Who in their right mind bought those children these clothes?”

They did not buy it with their babysitting money. They did not mow a lawn or have a paper route. They were not old enough to possess such responsibilty. Someone with a credit card and a bad sense of judgement supplied these children with their stripper-worthy attire.

And. they. should. be. shot.

I tried to give the parents the benefit doubt. They probably bought that thinking she was going to wear it as an undershirt or boy shorts. But the closer I looked I realized there is no way you could purchase any of the items they were wearing separately and it look appropriate on a child even if it was done with leggings and/or multiple layers.

One girl was wearing something resembling a tube top with nothing underneath to make it cute like leggings or tights. Just a tube top people, as a dress. And it was 50 something degrees outside.

The other girl was wearing a slinky little dress with a V-shape cut that revealed no bra and way too much of this little girl. Any sudden movement of the arms and all her business would have been on display.

Both had heels higher than most I myself own. And they were working it. Who taught them to walk like that?! Perhaps too much ANTM.

Sad. So Sad. Infuriating. Disgust. So many emotions.

Sad because no one obviously told these girls that they were better than that. That they should respect themselves more and not to mention protect themselves from the perverts that inhabit this world in search of their next victim.

Infuriated that someone allowed them to dress and act that way with no correction or boundaries.

Disgusted to think that this is what the Lindsays and the Brittanys of the world are contributing to our society. Disgusted by the gross old men who watched them with their wandering eyes. Disgusted that obviously no one told them that they loved them more than to allow them to walk out the house that way.

God help us all.

Put some clothes on your children people.



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  1. When I compare myself 15 years ago to teens now, it blows my mind. I was wearing big baggy t-shirts with Looney Tunes on them at their age. But I guess times do change, and in this case not for the better. And it seems like they have the snotty attitudes to match as well.

  2. “Did you know that they make a Push-up Bra for a size 30A”

    Hey, some of us petite ladies who are lacking in the bosom department want a boost every now and then too!

    But yes, teeny bopper skanks leave me horrified. My little sister is 12 and my mother would never let her leave the house the way young girls have been dressing lately.

  3. It is amazing isn’t it. Whatever happened to growing up wearing comfortable clothing that you could run around in?

    I know dress is individual and don’t think I wore anything my parents chose after second grade but where do these girls get the idea to dress that way at that age anyway?

    Magazines and television.

  4. I think it’s pretty ridiculous what kids are wearing now cause that’s what they are- kids. I remember wearing baggie t-shirts and leggings that didn’t show off any part of my body. No wonder there are so many kids getting pregnant in middle school. I just don’t get it. There are very stylish clothes that are also modest…

  5. Will NO ONE think of the children? Ugh, I am sorry to say that I know exactly what you’re talking about. I am proud to say, however, that my little sister (who, admittedly, only has a couple years left of being an actual teenager) dresses like a non-prostitute and even goes so far as to sit in a nearby mall with a friend, playing the “How long would I get grounded for wearing THAT?” game. I would hate to think that clothing is the reason anyone is victimized, sexually or otherwise, but I do think that it’s pretty unfortunate that companies continue to make money (an lots of it) by sexualizing kids– with their parents’ consent and wallets backing them up.

  6. It always makes me so sad to see these girls walking around looking like child prostitutes. I really don’t know who the people are buying their little girls those clothes or makeup or shoes, but I just want to shake them and ask them “WHY!?” We have to grow up fast enough, why not let (or make!) your children enjoy their CHILDhood?? Sigh.

  7. DH teaches 6th grade and sees it all the time – it is soooooo shocking that parents will buy things like this for their CHILDREN – I just don’t understand it, but I DO understand why the world is the way it is these days…parents don’t want to buck-up and do their job….instead, they want to befriend their kids & give them everything they want…maybe even things that they themselves (parents) never had. What is WRONG with these people? They’ll be the same parents suing the hides off of over-age boys who are attracted to their “darling little girls” – they’ve obviously brought it on themselves…

    Thanks for your comments on my blog. The shower wasn’t TOO bad, although I did stay outside playing w/ the nieces & nephews during the gift opening time & I only was around the PG SIL twice when she came and left. It got a little rough and I almost cried when someone was talking to SIL about how awesome it must feel to have the little guy kicking around in there, but DH came over immediately and hugged me & all was right in the world again…thanks for your thoughts and prayers.

  8. Ugh! In my town, it’s basically overrun with munchkins like that. It’s rough just going to the mall, because all you really see are slutty young teenyboppers walking around in their high heels and fake Coach bags. I just seriously can’t fathom a parent ever letting their kid leave the house like that, or BUY IT FOR THEM!? What is wrong with these parents? My kids will never be allowed to be dressed like that. I’d hate to think what creepy old men are giving them one too many sideways glances. Yuck.

  9. I can’t second this post enough! My sister teaches high school math and she did a happy dance when she found out she was having boys because the girls she sees at school are all so skanky! She says even the good girls dress like hoes. I agree with you about wondering where the parents are – I know when I tried to buy jeans my mom deemed too slutty I got an earful.

  10. Girlssss I know. I cannot believe all of these little children walking around like 30 year olds. I think we all do know who to blame. TV, Movies, wayward celebrities, Parents, bad influences.

    Thank God for Dove and other organizations trying to promote a good body image.

    All we can do is make sure our kiddos are properly dressed. I am thinking mumus and habits would be good!

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