March 13, 2008 at 1:40 pm | Posted in Life | 7 Comments

This may be a rambling post so bear with me!

I am a little nervous today. I have a meeting. Something that I think will be absolutely awesome, but that will mean change.

Change is always hard whether you need it or not. It is scary and unpredictable. Unknown things haunt me at night. What if I am making the wrong decision? What if I regret it later? What if things fall apart the moment I make the decision and there is no ability to turn back to the security, yet frustration, that I know.

But change is good, right?

I wonder if I should take the nervousness and apprehension as a sign. On the other hand I think it is just a matter of the unknown that freaks me the heck out. Why is it that sometimes the things you always want seem the hardest to grab hold of when they are being offered? Is it a fear of failure or insecurity in a new step? Is it the fear of disapointing others whom you respect and admire? Is it the fact that I feel I will be letting people down when I choose to move on?

The people-pleaser in me is overwhelmed. I need to buckle down, be firm and do something that is right for me for a change. I have something coming up soon.

 Send good thoughts.



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  1. I think any big decision is a cause for apprehension. If it’s a big decision- then obviously it means big changes, which really are scary for everyone.
    The best thing about apprehension is that it really forces you to take a step back and look at whatever it is you plan to do, and make sure it’s what is best.
    So, stop freaking out, I’m sure everything will work out perfectly. Just trust your instincts.
    Have a good day!

  2. The people-pleaser in me totally knows where you’re coming from!! Best of luck with your meeting, and I know that change’ll do you good 😉

  3. Decisions that will lead to big change are always difficult. Whatever the outcome, at least you can look back on this and see that you are taking charge of your life and participating in it rather than just sitting back and waiting to see what happens. Good luck with everything, I’m sure it will turn out fine!

  4. I’m sending you tons of good thoughts, Tipp! I am in the midst of change with taking on more responsibilities at work, so I feel the exact same way as you! I don’t want to let anyone down, but at the same time, I feel overwhelmed with all this adult-world kind of stuff….thanks for your comment on my blog – I hope noone gives you that adoption line too often! 😦

  5. Sending you some good thoughts and vibes all the way from SA, Tipp! Just think of it this way:
    Change is as good as a holiday. Good luck!

  6. Hey Tipp! Sending you some good thoughts. I know exactly how you’re feeling. Just went through the same thing at work right around the holidays. You know, this whole being an adult thing…it’s totally overrated.

  7. Change is scary — I don’t like it unless I know exactly what is going to happen and when (which usually means I don’t like it at all) — but change helps us grow. Some of the most wonderful things in my life happened because of change.

    I hope this change brings about another wonderful thing in yours.

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