A Steve Martin Moment

March 12, 2008 at 5:15 pm | Posted in The Others | 7 Comments

I feel like Steve Martin in the old movie The Jerk when he goes screaming down the street. “The new phone book’s here, the new phone book’s here!”

Well, it is not the new phone book that has me so excited, but . . .

My NEW Phone!!!!!!!


My old phone has hung in there very well despite the fact that it has been dropped, water-logged, chewed on (by a teething Ellie), and used as a prop during therapy. But, it has done its due and it is time to move on. No more locked up screens, missed calls and voice-mails, or the inability to send a complete text message.

It really is ridiculous how happy this makes me.

Insert one Debbie Downer sad note: Since I have programmed my new phone I am unable to get my ring-tone reset to my most favorite Sex and the City ring-tone because it is either unavailable for my phone or just unavailable all together.

So, I need a new ringtone. Any suggestions?



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  1. Oh, I had Sex and the City for the longest time! And then there was Out Tonight and Defying Gravity. Good luck in your ring tone search–I still haven’t been able to commit to one and I’ve had my phone for almost 6 months!

  2. wooohooo!!!! I’m as excited as you are! maybe now you wil actually know when i call you!!!! yahoooo!!!

  3. Try http://www.thumbplay.com – I found a ringtone there that I’d been wanting for ages!

  4. I am pretty lame in that regard. I can’t commit to a particular song so I just use the standard ring. Bor-ring!

  5. ohhhhhh I want that ringtone!!!!!!! My cell company doesn’t offer it. 😦 And that’s my fav show of all time. What cell company do you go thru? **I’ll be searching for a new company in May, that’s why I’m asking! 🙂

  6. That phone is adorable! I’m green with envy as mine is all, ollld and stuff. 🙂

    I have RHCP ‘Scar Tissue’ as my ringtine, and I had Dire Straits ‘Money for nothing’ for the longest time.

    Good luck in your search for a ringtone!

  7. I’ve had my phone for six months and still haven’t learned how to change the ring tone.

    My last phone, I had for three years, and didn’t even know the number. No kidding.

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