Green Is Not My Color

March 9, 2008 at 8:48 pm | Posted in Family, Tech Gal | 7 Comments

I have hit an all new low. I am jealous. I am envious. I am coveting something that is not mine. And this is where the all new low comes in.  

I am jealous of my mother. Yes, people I am terrible, terrible person, but I still want my Mom’s new toy. The thing she didn’t ask for, doesn’t really need, and can definitely live without.  I want my Mom’s brand new Ipod. My dad got it for her because they are going to Hawaii in a few weeks (seriously, Hawaii and a new Ipod – lucky lady) and he wanted her to be able to have something to do for the long flight. Now most people would just buy a couple of books, enjoy and in-flight movie and call it done. Not my Mom, she is not able to do any of those things.

My mom has the worst motion sickness I have ever seen on a person. I have ridden on an airplane with her once in my life and I am not sure I will ever do it again. Even though it was many years ago I remember it vividly. She spent the whole time holding her ears urging them to pop to relieve her poor head while willing herself to remain upright and intact while trying to take care of two kids under the age of eight. Poor woman, she is a saint and this is one of just many reasons.  

She gets motion sick even with silly things. We used to live near the beach and she thought she would love to get a raft and just float out in the water. That lasted about five minutes. She got so dizzy and sick that she had to lie down for a full hour before she could get up.

When we went to Disney World she never could ride the rides for fear her head may explode. The very great Back to the Future ride was a no go for her. The Muppet 3-D movie, no way! The spinning teacups, yeah right! Poor thing, she swears it didn’t bother her to be the one holding four drink cups, four fanny packs, (don’t hate, you know you wore them too!), and the stack of Mickey Mouse memorabilia, all for the sake of us having a good time even without her. After all she is Mom. She says it was just great to be with us. 

OK. Right.  

The only theme park ride she can do is the Ferris wheel, which happens to be the only ride I can’t do. Those things scare me to death. Translation: we have never ridden any rides together. So, my dad in an attempt to keep her mind off of being stuck on a plane for hours is attempting to load her Ipod with every Beth Moore podcast and classic oldies music selection to last her the entire flight. She certainly has enough gig to last her the entire trip. Grrr. 

This all for a woman who still can’t work her VCR, much less anything else more technologically advanced. I am proud for her . . . just a tad bit envious . . . of my mother.  

Lord, that is sad!



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  1. I am LOVING the new design!! 🙂 It’s awesome.

    And don’t fel bad. I’da been jealous too. I mean. My sister got a new iPod and although I already have one I was still jealous!! (I know. It’s silly.) 🙂

  2. I would be jealous too!
    My cheap alternative? The iPod shuffle. I thought I’d hate it and was only getting it because it was, duh, cheap, but I adore it! It’s so tiny and practical and I love not having to waste time choosing an artist because chances are I’ll end up loving what I’m listening to anyway.
    So, advertisement over! Haha, just a suggestion though 🙂 (I, however, am still coveting the iTouch, for no reason other than I think it looks pretty awesome)

  3. Oh my gosh, your poor mom!! I think I’d willingly trade in my iPod if it meant I didn’t have motion sickness!

    But I definitely understand your jealousy–the new iPods are pretty awesome!

  4. Just remember that she’s getting an IPOD because of her motion sickness… you can only have the IPOD if the motion sickness comes with it. Then maybe you won’t be jealous anymore 🙂 But I still can be.

  5. Yeah, I would be jealous, too, even though motion sickness sucks. A lot.

    I can related to your mother because I used to get really bad motion sickness as a child (I couldn’t ride in the car for five minutes without losing my most recent meal and then some). And I could not ride ANY rides at all. It’s gotten better, but it sometimes comes back at random times. *shrugs*

    Don’t be envious of that. I wouldn’t wish motion sickness upon anyone…

  6. This is so funny! I’m eating a bowl of cereal as I read and I about spit out my cheerios when I read the part about the fanny packs. Oh, fanny packs! Don’t even try to make a comeback. You are dead to me. Oh, I’m hatin’ alright. B/c I’m still embarrassed, over 10 years later, to ever be caught with that fuschia and purple thing girded around my plump-ish waist. It was not a good year for me.

    Thanks for taking me back to that horrible horrible fashion era.

    And about that iPod, maybe you can have it when she comes home from her trip?? If not just do what I do. When something starts to creep up on you and you feel like you just, ooohh, you just “need it”, tell yourself this: One day, it’s all gonna burn with a fervent heat. Fervent heat. That’s all you need to know. It’ll help the covetousness pass. 😉

    Nice meeting you! I like your blog. 🙂

  7. I know, I am getting over it. I hate that she has missed so much do to her sickness, but really?

    I will post some of her Hawaii pics when she sends them to me. (If she makes the crazy long plane ride there!)

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