New Look

March 7, 2008 at 8:46 pm | Posted in Blogosphere | 8 Comments

As you guys can see I have a new design compliments of Cuppycake Designs and the wonderful and creative Jess! She has been so awesome to work with. I gave her a few ideas of what I like and she hit the nail on the head! Stalk her people – she is excellent!

Also, thanks to Heather for helping me come up with a new title A[tipp]ical Thoughts. So many brilliant people out there!



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  1. Oooh. Pretty! I dig it.

  2. Oh, weird… I was like, “Wow, did I already comment??” Alas, it is another Angela!

    Anyway, love the new look and the title. Well done!

  3. Haha. Sorry to confuse!

  4. Aw, yay! It looks really good. πŸ™‚

  5. It looks lovely, Tipp! I’ve been toying around with getting someone to do the design on my blog, but haven’t made any decisions yet. I’m happy to hear she was great to work with.

  6. It looks awesome!

  7. awesome new look!

  8. oops. I’m logged into wordpress (trying to create/move blog to wordpress.) *this is AP πŸ™‚

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