From the Cache

February 24, 2008 at 9:20 pm | Posted in Thoughts | 1 Comment
After telling a friend that my draft section was very full of unpublished items, well, um, she yelled at me. I am sensitive about what I put out there, but in an attempt to be totally honest and forthright here is one from the writings that wouldn’t die.
I wrote this months ago and just came across it in my drafts section this morning. So here it is – no longer Post 65, but now named, “From the Cache.” It deserves a name. 
I am:
  • a wife, daughter, sister, friend, therapist, teacher, volunteer
  • finding it hard to wear so many hats
  • wanting 2008 to be the best year yet
  • desiring to feel settled in life
  • a dreamer not a resolution maker
  • one who hopes for the best but constantly fears the worst
  • hoping to begin the road to motherhood soon in whatever capacity
  • wanting my husband to feel successful and settled
  • aspiring to volunteer more, but see myself becoming more and more overextended
  • hoping to show the people who love me the upmost love and access to my time in return
  • wanting to forget and forgive those who don’t show me that same respect
  • striving to be more creative in many capacities
  • hoping to find my niche
  • wanting to understand a God who loves and is just
  • wondering how I best can take care of my family and those that I love
  • addicted to sushi and green tea
  • annoyed by people who don’t recycle, especially when the opportunity is readily accessible
  • exhausted, physically and emotionally, when I feel pulled in too many directions
  • hoping I am on the right path in my life
  • trying to learn to take care of myself first
  • longing to make a difference – somehow

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  1. Ooh I like this a lot. Very good way to describe yourself

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