A Cure for the Blues

February 24, 2008 at 7:07 pm | Posted in Good causes | 1 Comment

It is ridiculous what can make me happy. When I saw this on the Green Gal website it cured my Sunday night blues in a heartbeat. I enjoy my Publix green bag and I love to see other big chains follow. I knew about these great little dittys. The Target reusable bags are cute and easy to find and they are only $1.49! They have made their way from the West Coast here.


But now, are you ready for this? Wal-mart is now offering their own version. Apparently they beat Target to the punch, but I just learned about these and this make me so happy because I see nothing but Wal-mart bags littering the road all the time! Grrrr.

 Go reusable people, there is no excuse not too!


They are actually kind of cute too! I will be getting mine as soon as they get here. When they wear out their welcome Wal-mart will even take them back and recycle them. Win, win! We all can We all should.


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  1. […] course the easiest thing you can do is go reusable with your shopping bags. It is the easiest and best step anyone can […]

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