It’s gone to the dogs

February 18, 2008 at 2:19 am | Posted in Family | 2 Comments

I kind of hate to admit this…but on Friday we did it.

I even hate to say it. I am a little emabarrassed. It is not like us at all.

Don’t judge, don’t scoff, don’t laugh, don’t hate. Here it goes, I am just going to say it.

We put the dogs in dog daycare. I know, I know, it sounds silly, but after a cold winter and coming home to some very hyper animals we decided to give it a try.

There is a new great place literally ten minutes down the road from us. I took them to have baths and to play, but first mind you they must go through, are you ready for this, a screening process.

Yes, they had to pass an initial screening to even be considered eligible to join “the pack” as they call it. Hilarious, I know. Even more hilarious was the eight page report I received on their temperment, social skills, problem solving skills, leaderships style, personality type, player skill level and on and on and on.

Needless to say, if you do not “pass” the initial screening you must put your dogs through special training before they can be re-evaluated. Can you believe that? I am giggling just thinking about it!

Working in Early Childhood, I have seen the crazy process that parents go through to get their kids into specific Kindergartens, it can be like a college entrance exam, it is crazy! “Does your child read independently?” “Do they play a musical instrument?” “Do they speak a foreign language?” You think I am making this up, I promise I am not!

But really? Doggie daycare evaluations, what could be next? I can’t even imagine! I love my girls and all, but really?

Anyway, my two babies passed with flying colors. I must admit I was a little worried about Lily’s ability to “socialize” with other dogs, she can be very particular -ok, she is a snob, I said it. But, they both passed with flying colors. In fact, due to Ellie’s slight fear of strange men she is “less of a candidate for the pack” than Lily. But since, “she showed independence and the ability to adapt to situations in which she is uncomfortable” she is also now welcome to join the group. Wow! There are no words for that. If I had known this test was going to be so intense I would have brought out the doggie flashcards and done some intense tutoring to make sure that they were up to par! Kidding, but I had this thought of underpreparedness the moment I walked in that place!

I am embarrassed to admit, I was so proud that they “passed”! It can see how parents get so wrapped up in the kids getting accepted into this playgroup or into that particular preschool.

Anyway, we loved the facility and the “pack” and the fact that they slept so hard when they came home, that we are going to let them go at least one day a week. They are so excited – they told me so!

It is a dog eat dog competitive world out there! I am just so glad mine are now able to play with the best of them! Did I just say that? I need help.



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  1. Nice new site, BTW… Doggie Daycare, huh? My munchkins go to get groomed at a groomer/daycare.. they, too, come home home exhausted! It is certainly worth the price of admission! The place I take ‘the short dogs’ is collecting items for us to send to our K-9 unit – which certaily makes them tops in my book!!!

  2. […] to a good friend of mine, who is in the in Iraq right now, gave us his view to even it out. I did that thing every dog owner said they would never do and if they do do it- they lie about […]

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