We Heart Ingrid

February 13, 2008 at 1:00 am | Posted in Music | 1 Comment

That would be Ingrid Michaelson. I can’t believe she isn’t playing at more prominent venues. We were lucky to snag tickets to her small show on Sunday night and even more lucky to be sitting fifteen feet away. While I am not one to be out late on a “school night”, I did not want her show to end. It was by far one of the best shows I have ever been to.

Her story of writing Keep Breathing is amazing. She wanted to get a song on the Grey’s Anatomy album. She was told she couldn’t just pull one of her current album, which is amazing- buy it. So she sits down writes, cuts, produces and sends it to the Grey’s people and they take it and have it on air in the finale in three weeks. No words but talented. However, the fact that you have to buy the entire Grey’s album to get that one song really sucks. I would love it but refuse to throw down more mulah for a whole album when I really only like 2-3 songs on it!

Anyway, that was a gripe for the Grey’s powers that be, not Ingrid. We had so much fun!


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  1. Oh, Ingrid! I saw her as an opener for Matt Nathanson in San Francisco, and it was a fantastic show. It’s nice to see her getting bigger and bigger, isn’t it?

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