In the Mode

February 10, 2008 at 9:17 pm | Posted in Random Thoughts | 1 Comment
I seem to be in blogging mode today (aka, I don’t want to study or do any more reports). Here are are a few things that have crossed my mind lately.

  • I love my new green Publix earth saving bags! I have used them at least four times and they make me so happy! Cutting down on plastic, waste, and the needed oil to produce the bags makes me smile. You can fit so much in them and they are cute to boot! Everyone should get them and use them! Do you know how many bags little the roads and kills animals every year? Not to mention that they take YEARS to biodegrade and the chemicals they leave behind are infiltrating our soil. Read all about that here. We have to do something about all the waste we are producing and it is not just plastic! Recycle people! It is not that hard. Put a “paper only” basket by your trash for junk mail that you shred and all those old papers- DON’T throw them away- Hello trees?! We also keep tubs in our garage for plastic, cardboard, and cans and aluminum. It isn’t easy, we have to drive into town to take ours, but it is for the future and it is important. You would not believe how much you throw out until you start recycling! We rarely have to take out the trash – Hubby loves that! Mom and I are seriously considering only paying for one trash pickup and paying for the recycling people to do curbside pickup. It is amazing how much less you send to the landfill. And let’s face it – it is the responsible thing to do.
  • I went to clean out and vaccuum my car today. It took me forever. My dogs are never allowed in my car again, unless they are shaved bald first. I love them though.
  • I am reading three books right now. I am getting confused. They are all good though.
  • Pray the site hubby was working at will re-open soon, these long trecks, long days, and long hours are getting to us both.
  • I still have gifts that I brought people from New York that I have not given them yet. I need to get on that.
  • My friend is collecting new and gently used items for a great cause for a school in desperate need in Haiti. If you can help out let me know!
  • Another friend of mine just returned from a mission trip in Cuba. I had no idea but they came home with no clothes. The whole idea was to pack so many things and leave all that they took and return home with only the clothes on thier back. The people were in such need. Her hubby was telling us the food that they are rationed each month and it was astouding. We really are so blessed in our country. I am trying hard to not complain about all of the political stuff going on. It is part of our freedom to be bombarded with the latest news of the candidates – constantly.
  • We have a lot of kids in our neighboorhood. I have no idea where they all come from. There has to be at least 4 in each house. That or they come from all over town to hang out with the kids who actually live in our neighboorhood. They are everywhere.
  • I again find myself with too many books. It is time to break the ties and Amazon some again. We need cashola.
  • I hate basketball season. Hubby follows Duke. I could care less. It makes for long winter months.

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