A Random Act of Kindness in a Crazy Week

December 14, 2007 at 11:17 pm | Posted in Inspirational, Life | Leave a comment

I can’t believe I made it to Friday! One week down, one more to go until we get the heck out of dodge! In the midst of a week of mishaps I was the recipient of a random act of kindness.

Monday- knitting party; Loving my new found activity already. Thanks to some very patient teachers and a donation of needles and yarn to my good cause, I am well on my way. So I have pulled out many rows, hey, I am trying and I am finding it to be a great stress reliever and way to unwind at the end of the day. Stayed the night with D- always fun, though I have no idea what time we finally made it to bed. We did the talking in the dark a room away thing. Always a good conversation with that girl.
Tuesday- still not home to see hubby and the kids. A friend from out of town stopped in and all the girls went to eat yummy Mexican. Amz and I devoured a whole bowl of cheese almost by ourselves, I still have not regretted it. Yes, it was that good.
Wednesday – got to work, ready to head out for the afternoon and my car decides to die – Great!
A borrowed car and a tow truck later, I found myself in the line at Starbucks to grab an apple cider and piece of coffee cake to go and sit and wait for Daddy to finish his meeting so we could go home. I was on the phone with a friend when I placed my order. I drove around, tried to hand the guy my card, and he says to me, “You don’t owe me anything, the guy in front of you paid for your order.” I am pretty sure my only response was, “What?!” On the other end of the phone, my friend says, “Someone paid for you, that is so cool.” It literally turned my day around in the matter of two seconds. I forgot about the car bill, the tow truck, and the overwhelming urge to break down and cry. For that second, the world was a good place again. I literally almost forgot where I was I was so astonished. Then I thought, well, I could make someone else’s day too. I said, “Can I pay for the person behind me?” He said, “Sure, you are the 5th person to do that.” How cool is that?! Now, I have to say the very moment that it came out of my mouth I thought, “Please God, don’t let the guy behind me be the gopher for the whole 5th floor from the Children’s Hospital doing a coffee run for the entire Nursing staff!” There is always that danger if you choose to pay for the car behind you. I was momentarily worried. After all, I knew that I had a big mechanic bill looming. All was well though and my bill actually came out a little cheaper – God at work. That was many cups of happiness for many people.
Thursday – Woke up before the dawn to take hubby to meet his ride to work at 5:30. Came home, got dressed, went about my day. Worked all day, left, drove across town to pick up hubby at his work site and then we drove to the mechanic. Cut off an arm and a big toe to pay for my car and then finally drove home. As we were driving down the highway I said, “Do you realize that exactly 12 hours ago we were on this same road just starting our day?” Depressing to think you have literally been at it from sun up to sun down.
Friday – Back to normal, thank God. Ready for the weekend. Ready to babysit. Ready to go see Katie on Sunday! In exactly one week I will be packing to go on Vacation!!!
I feel like singing “New York, New York” over and over again. Don’t be surprised if you hear it many times next week.

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