Random Thoughts

November 30, 2007 at 9:02 pm | Posted in Random Thoughts | Leave a comment

Just a few things:

  • You know it is a great song when you hear it on the radio, realize you have it on your Ipod, and yet you continue to listen to it being broadcast live . . . as was the case today when a song that was ten years old came on. Loved it, sang it, appreciated it. My pastor has a cool phrase for such a moment. Spontaneous combustion of music or something like that. It is much cooler when he says it.
  • New babies are awesome . . . birth stories are not – enough said.
  • Family is great – I am thankful that most of mine live close and that they are always there to help.
  • I am ready to feel in the Christmas spirit. Hubby has asked four times during the past week to decorate the tree that has been in place since Saturday. I am not ready yet. I wonder what it will take? Something about a forecast of 69 degrees on Sunday does not help inch me closer to that warm fuzzy feeling. I am feeling more like a nice mix of the Grinch and E. Scrooge at the moment.
  • I am excited about a trip. . . more details to come if we can actually get it done!
  • I like volunteering, I wish I could do it all the time. Work is getting in the way!
  • One more lesson for school is a reason to celebrate!

That is all for now. . .


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