Appreciation is a necessity

November 30, 2007 at 2:22 am | Posted in Advice | Leave a comment

I love reading various blogs throughout the day during some down time. It is a cyber people watching game, my major was Psychology after all. One that I read without fail is my Pastor’s blog. He had a great one today – one that needs to be shared. It is about appreciating our church leaders and lifting them up and how sometimes we forget that they are people too.

As a child I grew up in the house of a pastor. My husband’s family was in the ministry. This can make for a very hard childhood. You see your family give and give and give with little to no recognition 24/7/365. The pastorate is an around the clock, full-time, no true vacation job description. If you do get a vacation, it is usually to a church related function full of church services, training classes, and responsibilities. I remember once we got a real vacation. I was 9 years old and we went to the beach and then on to Disney World. We had no sooner set foot in our condo when the phone rang and someone in the church had died. My dad made a hard decision and decided to stay on the vacation. How hard that must of been for him to choose, I am sure he got flack from someone about it, but what was he to do? It was one of our first “real” vacations as a family.

The choices they have to make a hard, the standards they have to live up to are high, and the people they must please are never satisfied. It is a hard job. To sum it up it is time someone said all of this. It is sad that someone had to say it.

I think you should take a look, words from a wise man. Take them to heart.


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