My Man

November 19, 2007 at 2:55 am | Posted in Family, Photos | 1 Comment

Do you see this? My husband is utterly exhausted. I took this because it first hit me as cute. I love it when all of my babies fall asleep together, but then it hit me how spent my hubby is. He has not had a day for himself in quite a while. On top of working 60+ hours the past couple of weeks, he has also given his “free time” (what?) to help out in my volunteer activities as well as helping out so many people around him and being an outstanding role model. During a very sad weekend, I have been reminded, once again, how extremely lucky I am to have this man in my life. This weekend we have watched two very different families say goodbye to their father and husband in two very different ways and it has been heart wrenching. One was a physical goodbye, filled with sadness and hurt, but hope and a future. The other was emotional and seemed to be the death of a family that will never see a resolution. I feel like I have been on an emotional roller coaster just watching. All the while, my hubby has been there on the front lines helping out in every way possible. How much this man astounds me.

He has become a teacher even without trying. His life goal used to be to pursue a degree in education, and because of life and other commitments (welcome to military life – ready or not) things did not pan out. I learned tonight what a great life teacher he has become. He spent yesterday at my side at a funeral, this morning at my side cleaning (and I mean cleaning) preschool classrooms for our great kids, and today at my side helping a friend escape a very bad family situation. He has become such a good MAN. I am so proud of him. There were some very impressionable young teenage boys helping my friend today and he was heard telling them, “See guys, this is what happens when one man does not do his job and take care of his family, it takes many other men to step in – be a man and do your job, don’t leave it up to someone else.” I was so proud of him when I was told that, but that is him. I don’t deserve him. He always tells me, “you are the best” everyday, without fail, it is a constant – it always has been. I think he has it wrong, I definitely know he is the best.


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  1. wow, this is really, really touching.

    I can see that you are seriously grateful for your husband, makes me feel a little bad. I *should* be more grateful for my boyfriend, and I’m going to start *right* now….

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