I Get It Now

November 16, 2007 at 12:49 am | Posted in In the News, TV | Leave a comment

I was pretty upset about the whole writer’s strike. I had been ignoring the news updates, the blogs, the Internet pleas to support the Writer’s Guild. All I knew was that it meant no new Office episodes (for shame!), Brothers & Sisters, and even Late Night with Dave. The strike truly hit home with me when I realized that there are only TWO more new episodes of The Office this season and 24 can not begin production until the strike is settled (or until Keiffer can stay sober, but that is another blog). I got pretty upset. After all, when a long day ends I want to see some good TV. I want to be entertained. I want to laugh. I want to hope that one day Toby will find love and be happy. I do heart Toby!

I was pretty deflated. Like most of America, I wanted the writer’s to go back to work. I just wanted all of my favorite story lines to continue uninterrupted until the obligatory season ending cliff hanger. I expect that and secretly I look forward to it. How will they keep us hanging for five whole months this time? It has to be better than Jim asking Pam to dinner or the Walker clan jumping into the pool after a heartbreaking year. Now, I may not get that, but after all I have seen I think I am accepting of the writer’s decision to strike.

I was reading Pam/Jenna’s myspace blog tonight (hey, hubby is working late, again- what else do you want me to do?) and she eloquently explains the whole situation and how The Office crew and cast have decided to support their writer’s. Most of their cast are the writer’s but I digress. She said her trailer has been cleaned out and she will not cross the picket line. Production is shut down and we may not know – for a while – what will happen to Pam and Jim and Dwight and Angela. (I think hubby may cry!)

So to sum it all up – here it is. The writer’s get paid a measly percentage of every DVD of your favorite show that you buy in the store. That is only part of the problem. The production companies have started airing full episodes on the Internet for which they get paid nothing. Every time their handiwork is used to make NBC or CBS and others money via the Internet they receive no royalties. The production companies sell advertising around all of the webisodes. (Hello, have you ever missed Dancing with the Stars and had to watch it the next days- you HAVE to watch those advertisements if you choose to watch it on the Internet). However, the production companies make a huge profit off of these webisodes, (think about it no packaging, no shipping, no nothing- just you and your computer screen) but under the current contract the writer’s receive 0% of the royalties. That does not seem fair to me. If I was an integral part of the creation of a product and then that product was used to make other people and businesses money, I would expect a piece of that pie. I would demand it. That is what they are doing.

Check out this video, they are not asking for much. In a world where the Internet is taking over they only want the security of a paycheck when TV and Internet become one. It is already happening and they want to make sure that they are protected under the new contracts.

So, for the sake of all of us whole love our TV – Fix it, give the writer’s what they want!


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