Sunday Night Blues

November 12, 2007 at 12:23 am | Posted in Thoughts | Leave a comment

It is Sunday night- the most dreaded night of the week except for the fact that Brothers & Sisters airs in T-minus 2 1/2 hours and counting. Dreaded because you hate the fact that Monday is right around the next sunrise. Despite the fact that Mondays are the longest day in my week, I just dread them in general. I realize it is a long time until: 1. I can sleep in 2. I have a day to clean and get the house in order and spend no nonsense time with my three favorite family members ( yes, I am talking about my dogs) and 3. I can go back to church. I have to be able to reboot. Some people need a long bath or a 5 mile run on a treadmill. Me? I just need to go to church. My church and its people make me feel like I can actually accomplish something and live life to the best rather than just surviving it. Not that I couldn’t use a 5 mile run on a treadmill, please keep all comments to yourself, Hmm. All of the things are mucho important to me in the big scheme of my life. My Mom will be so proud that I rated sleeping in up there with church and family time. I have always needed alot of sleep to survive.

Hubby has learned that Sunday nights are important to me because if I don’t finish the “weekend” chores and responsibilities it is REALLY not going to be a pretty Monday because then I will feel that much more behind. But, not this Sunday night! I have finished the homework (well until Tuesday anyway), finished the chores, finished the responsibilities and the expectations of others. I am feeling rather accomplished. Now if I had only gotten around to grocery shopping for the week. Oh, well no one is perfect! May be we won’t go hungry!


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