November 9, 2007 at 7:20 pm | Posted in Music | Leave a comment

Wow! It is Friday- thank the Lord!!! This week has been a good one. I love the cool Autumn air, my fleece sleepy pants, and a cup of warm mint tea at night before I go to bed. This time of year is so beautiful, I am sure I have already talked about that! I was browsing thru today (shocking!) and I came across a great list of quotes from the CMA’s. My favorite was LeeAnn Rimes’ quote before she presented the Horizon award to the youngest ever nominee, Ms Taylor Swift. Anyway, back to the quote she said, “It has been 13 years in this business, and for those of you out there who are keeping score, it has been only one marriage and no arrests!” Good for her for keeping it real.

It was a night for the young girls to show their stuff. There is a big stink in Nashville. People have gone up in arms over the fact that Carrie Underwood has beaten out the likes of Reba, Martina, and Faith for two years running for Female Vocalist of the Year. All I have to say to that is “Did you hear her perform?” Hello? She is a diva and a good one. She will be on a first name status soon. I bought her album and if you didn’t – you should- it is great. And Hello? This is her Sophomore album! There is no telling where she is going to go from here. Also, Poor Kellie Pickler, wow that girl is all over my radar these days. I actually feel sorry for her. Her crying breakdown in the middle of her song only shows that she is a person who feels deeply. I cannot imagine growing up not knowing my mom and having a dad in jail. Good for her for rising above. Now if she can only get a publicist that won’t put her on morning talk radio to further embarrass herself she can actually make something of herself!


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