It is about time

November 1, 2007 at 1:25 am | Posted in In the News | Leave a comment

I was surfing thru ABC News tonight, the trick or treaters are wearing off – lots of pirates and princesses this year. Sometimes you run across a story and you think- “what took them so long?” It seems that a jury has awarded 11M dollars to a father of a dead soldier in Pennsylvania. Why? This group from the Westboro Baptist Church in Wichita KS has been picketing military funerals for years with signs saying things against our military and other groups. They seek out returning dead soldiers and go to their funerals and stand and sing and chant anti-military slurs. I have had to watch them come within 10 miles of my own house. It is very hard to stomach even the sight of these people. Their sole purpose is to travel around the country and stand outside of funerals and shout and sing about the evils of America and the military.

This to me is where free speech ends. For years, this groups has been showing up across the nation disturbing the mourning process of families in grief. They have gotten away with it for so many years because their family is a group of lawyers who use frivolous lawsuits to sue the people who they seek out and slander when the events turn violent. This has been their financial stability and now it seems that their time has come, and it is about time. No one has the right to invade the privacy of a family trying to lay to rest their loved one. It is not because it is a soldier it makes me so mad, but because it is a family grieving. The fact that it is a soldier makes it that much deplorable..

A father who had enough decided to sue this group and he won. His son’s funeral was tainted with the very presence of these evil people and it is time that someone put a stop to it. Way to go Pennsylvania, they did something that will keep many other families from the needless suffering of this group.


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