You’ve Got Mail

September 26, 2007 at 12:18 am | Posted in Thoughts | Leave a comment

I have had so little faith in the mail system as of late. I guess I should interject that I have no qualms with the mail carriers who work so hard 6 days a week (well, except for the fact that they make my dogs go CRAZZZY once a day!), but just the system in general. First, it was the lost parking permit for work. Let me just begin by saying that the fact that I have to PAY MONEY to park where I WORK is insane to me. In fact, I think it should be illegal. To pay to park my car in a lot where it does not even sit for at least half of the work day eats me alive! Shocking, that something ticks me off I know! So, the standard permit that you have to re-order every year (really is this the best way to spend a half hour of my work day?) got lost in the mail. I finally had some kind soul who does not even work on my floor track me down thru people finder and deliver said permit, albeit two months late, when she received it in her STUDENT mailbox. Puhlease, me a Vandy student? Does it look like I have an extra 50 grand hanging around? I had already battled with the parking people about a ticket they have written me for not displaying the updated permit. When I contacted them a month ago when the permit was a no-show they told me not to worry that it eventually would turn up. Well, guess who was hot when a bright yellow ticket appeared two days ago? Ugh, appeal, appeal, appeal it is such a pain. Anyway, my faith has now been restored because my cousin Scott, who is in Iraq, got his package less than 6 days after I mailed it! It took me longer than that to fill out the dang customs form! I can not believe it! Those packages must have sprouted wings! So excited he got it! Looks like my faith is restored in the system. If they can get a package to the Middle East in six days, I will wait two months for a parking permit, even if I have to pay a dumb ticket – but I don’t have to be happy about it!


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